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  1. Well, cause i saw many post with people trying to make this laptops work with SL im going to explain how i make it work First my HARDWARe. HP DV6000 Core Duo T2450 Video GMA 950 27a2 Soutbridge Ich7 3Gb Ram The method is easy, Install Iaktos S3 v2 with this opt. Chameleon Boot RC4 32 Bit mode RTC 32 bit Laptop Hardware all audio only voodoohda Wi fi Broadcom VoodooPS2 Videoo Only Natit ( dont check nothing more) dont select modifyid kernels When system ends installing it would not recognize the USB. I used VOODOOUSb from Ideneb 10.5.8 to fix it. first it make a Kernel Panic, but bootin in verbose next to the kernel panic system boot perfect. VoodooUSBEHCI.pkg.zip I have full Resolutions, QE CI , yes i can play chess. Full Audio Working Firewire Usb working good If any questions ask. excuse me for my bad english
  2. Hi!. IF someone has a bit of time.. can translate this to English? because i can't understand nothing and google translation sucks! pleaseE!! thnx! a lot!