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  1. And whats with this one? http://www.mysn.de/detail.asp?userid=0BD7FBBB629F4744B6967D1679CCCF4B&KategorienOrder=010;050;020&bestellnr=ADNTROC3#DNconfig Does works Hackintosh with Logic Pro 9 on it fine? Thanks!
  2. But what is the benefit on a Macbook Pro besides a Alienware? Because the Alienwares got a better specs? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I want to know if I can produce Music with a Hackintosh good (without latencyproblems,Plugins/Vstsproblems something like that)? I want to buy Logic Pro 9 for 199$,but is it better to buy a "real" Macbook Pro 15 or can i buy a Alienware M14X with Hackintosh too? And what is with driver for Audiointerfaces,Synthesizer,Keyboards? Does it works fine? Thanks! Regrads