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  1. Intel Wireless driver

    Sorry I've been absent lately. Today is my day of TIP chemo so I havnt had much time. T http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paclitaxel I http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ifosfamide P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cisplatin
  2. Using real tiger 10.4.4 DVD

    Possible? Probably However I doubt there are any instructions on how to do it and the amount of files needed to be changed would be significant. Let the torrent application run at night when you arent using the computer.
  3. Intel 2200bg

    Download the installer from the second link in the post by nico342. New versions are released almost every day
  4. Intel Wireless driver

    Can you try booting into safe mode and then restart back into normal mode to see if it still gets stuck? If still stuck boot into safe mode again and delete the iwi2200 folder and try to boot back into normal mode.
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    Oh the LED status should only be changed when the card is off? I didnt know because I dont have an LED to test with. If the standard is to leave it disabled in Linux and there is incompatibility then I agree with leaving it alone Having networkselector save the settings is a great idea. I will see what I can do. I have another idea for NetworkSelector. Command line arguments that are processed in order one at a time like networkselector -led 1 -power 1 -associate 6 -exit One command would run then it would wait to complete before processing the next command. This would let us create script files to "automatically" configure the desired options. The "-associate 6" would tell it to try and connect to whatever SSID is on channel 6, would it be easier to specify the SSID?
  6. Intel Wireless driver

    Jalavoui: I have an idea. Could we have network selector changed so that when the card is turned on the LED is also turned on and when the card is turned off the LED is turned off? Also if p_disable is set to 0 it would turn the LED on when the driver is loaded and the card is powered? You should send a PM to Javaloui about being added to the project. Development for the 2100 isnt dropped exactly,,, just very slow. Your help would be fantastic! It wont remember which network to connect to but it should automatically power up and once you run the network selector the list of networks should be fully populated. It won't turn your LED on automatically, though you could edit the same file and change the option for the LED. This should turn the LED on as soon as the driver is loaded (not nececssarily connected to anything) There have been many changes to the driver while you were away. For example the 2200 driver can now list all B networks in the area with channel numbers and you can choose which to associate with. Have you seen all the changes to the documentation on the project page? Look through the featured pages.
  7. They are EXTREMELY similar even using the same driver under both windows and OSX. Even physically they are nearly identicle. You can hack the eeprom of the 2915 to make the computer think its a 2200 and the drivers will work (without 802.11a support of course) Im posting this reply from my 2915abg in OSX....
  8. If you havnt made any changes to the drive your data is not lost. All you should need is to restore the partition table and the contents of your drive will be readable again. I should know because the POS OSX Disk Utility has erased my fat32 and OSX partition many times. 5 minutes later I am back up and running once the partition table is restored.
  9. Windows Keyboard and the Windows Key

    Changing the key mappings in System Prefs is {censored}. Try opening a terminal and you will see the key changes arent following the OS changes.
  10. Boots fine, then monitor switches off

    Try booting in safe mode
  11. You should make a backup of your partition table in case something like this happens.
  12. Intel Wireless driver

    This is coming from memory so please correct me if Im wrong but - Open a terminal and move to the directory where the info.plist for the driver is. Edit the file and scroll down to the section labeled p_disable 1 and change it to 0. After reboot your card should power up automatically. cd /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext/Contents/ sudo nano Info.plist scroll to <key>p_disable</key> and under change <string>1</string> and change that to <string>0</string> (ctrl+x) to exit and save then reboot Very nice! I can verify that at least four networks show properly at my location. Not only that but the correct channel numbers are listed! hello world: send network list [1] 'power (00:06:41:d4:55:d9) ch:2' [2] '2WIRE367 (00:0c:72:25:40:97) ch:6' [3] 'doublepowerb (00:0d:b7:10:19:fa) ch:9' [4] 'NETGEAR (00:09:5b:9e:24:66) ch:11' select network or type 0 to return I have updated the NetworkSelector page to reflect the change. Is p_disable 1 the new default for iwi2200? /ãÆ’½__/ãÆ’½ /    \ / _ãÆ’Žã€€ãÆ’½_ ãÆ’½ | ââ€â€ã€€ã€€ââ۠ | | (_人_) / \_____/
  13. Intel Wireless driver

    Can anyone with an AMD system confirm the 2200 driver works for them? Please tell me if your machine SSE3 or SSE2.
  14. Intel Wireless driver

    Do you mean the LED is not working automatically when connected? Right now the only time the LED works is when you manually tell it to through the NetworkSelector menu. The wired adapter should be able to live along side the wireless. I have a broadcom 57xx wired nic working fine with my 2915abg installed. If you really want to change the wireless to EN1 (or whatever) you could start at step 11 of this procedure http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=44114 If you purchase a USB/PCMCIA wireless card that uses a non intel chipset you shouldnt have any incompatibility issues. I have tried a PCMCIA card on my laptop and afterwards the 2915 still worked. Ill add something about this to the FAQ just for you Is the 2100 a mini pci card? Do you know the PCI ID of the card? I don't know how OSX enumerates hardware but under Windows the Intel cards won't work unless the PCI ID is listed in my BIOS. I got around this originally by rewriting the ID on my 2915 to match a supported card. You should PM me with your instant messenger name so we can talk
  15. Intel Wireless driver

    Butelo: NetworkSelector only works for iwi2200 driver right now Stavro: I noticed that too. I thought it was an issue with my access point we should try to figure out why it happens. Have you ever seen more than 2 networks listed? jalavoui: I have seen the same issue as Stavro. I have never seen more than two networks listed from option 2 in NetworkSelector. I have 2 802.11b networks under my control and a few from my neighbors. Sometimes my unencrypted network doesnt show up as an option even though i am only 5 feet away. naqnil: Run "kextstat | grep iwi" from terminal and see what is listed. Then can you try to load the kext manually from the terminal and see if you get an error? What network adapters are listed when you open network preferences? Do you see "Built-in Ethernet" listed? I will add "kexstat | grep iwi" to troubleshooting