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  1. EFI Mounter

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    Why I must share the source code?

    I don't find any source codes of ESP Mounter Pro 1.6 or QuickESP 1.03 on GitHub


    This is your decision to take a closed source

    but you can make an open source and this is better for all and you because other people can working and Upgrading your tools

  2. GetmacOS

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    Thanks chris1111. Let me know if you could find Mavericks and Yosemite. 

    I think its remove from the Store ? for me this not an issue I have both in my purchases

  3. EFI Mounter

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    Mounted  dmg images are filtered by protocol and do not go to a list of disks,this was made specially,because they usually do not have a EFI partition but always present in the list of drives

    Seems it`s need to update efi mounter soon and add support of efi partitions on dmg images)))

    Thanks for the bug report

    Thanks  B)