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  1. Dell to Pre-Install Linux on Desktops and Notebooks

    Massassuchets AFAIK never closed the case its still open. There is no such thing as a lesser crime in this case. Violation of the Sherman and Clayton acts are serious business not to be taken lightly. Cutting a OEM's contract over supporting a competing system for Microsoft is clear violation of this as they are a convicted monopoly yes _CONVICTED_. There is no reason not to think that Microsoft doing this would not lead to legal action. It would be clear retaliation for supporting another platform and abuse of the monopoly power. Perhaps if they had not been convicted and exploited their monopoly position before this would not be a big deal but given their history they cannot do it. This has nothing to do with not supporting hardware if Microsoft supports HP they support Dell and Microsoft is not the one who writes the drivers. Manufacturers do this means microsoft would be pulling a _CONTRACT_ to stop sales in retaliation for selling a competing product your words right there nothing about hardware in there is there? Did I miss something? Yes innocent until proven guilty sure but evidence is what makes the guilt come out. And Microsoft doing this would give dell plenty of evidence and dell would be very pissed and take it to the highest level possible. Do not blind yourself with ignorance.
  2. Dell to Pre-Install Linux on Desktops and Notebooks

    I do not think this applies in this case? Ohh yeah I go and kill somebody get free then kill another person I am free? your logic is mindboggling. Its extreme example but sure they cannot be tried for old crimes. However if they kickstart it by doing new antitrust violations that by no means sets them up to be scott free. Lets make it a bit simpler shall we? Get a parking ticket gets overturned no pay. So that means all subsequent parking tickets are no longer valid eh? Like I said I would love to know where you get your ideas. I guess I should have clarified as well. Microsoft is not free of all the antitrust cases go read Not to mention this would be proof that they are abusing their monopoly _AGAIN_ therefore open themself up to new lawsuits this is the matter at hand with that. Not reviving the old dead donkey. But a new case with teeth.
  3. Dell to Pre-Install Linux on Desktops and Notebooks

    Are you crazy? Good call microsoft yank selling to dell can you say DOJ federal pound in the yeah... That would be proof of the Anti-Competitive tactics of microsoft using monopoly leverage to squelch progress and innovation I wish I knew where you got half your ideas.. Seems by far skewed outside the realm of possibility.
  4. Obvious question...what about installing Vista Media Center?

    I am wondering if I could get a superslim DVD player and USB external it. That would be cool And the DVD player could be mostly hidden. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827154034 That would look slick underneath it actually
  5. Obvious question...what about installing Vista Media Center?

    Sorry I really do not care about apple's OS that is not supporting hardware acceleration such as XVMC I would much rather run linux on their hardware. I am betting it can be done too. Sure OSX is nice and all but why worry about it? I would have no use for anything it can offer only what linux can offer as my media center is mythtv, records via firewire and hauppauge. Not to mention its all in raid arrays to preserve the data Sure the Mac Acceleration that nigel is doing for mythfrontend might be interesting once its working but meh. I would rather have a extremely low overhead of linux built for one purpose or many purposes whatever the case. Gentoo + AppleTV + MythTV vs OS X gimpified Not to start a flame war I intend to use it for this purpose I just need to get my hands on a AppleTV, But the work done to get the other formats going as well as Firefox are impressive
  6. Obvious question...what about installing Vista Media Center?

    what would be the point? MythTV would slaughter it hands down and run better too. Also linux can handle EFI
  7. Video of the Apple TV initial setup

    I just want to know whats in the guts and see if it can run MythFrontend. I do not care about apples crazy gimpified hardware besides I have nearly 1tb of PVR content on myth so why not I want a nice mythfrontend and the appletv may deliver! somebody please tear one apart!
  8. Apple Front Row Copies MS Media Center

    It has been there longer than Media Center or Front Row. Not to mention that it cleans house in all areas compared to them. I actually for quite some time have totally replaced Front Row with MythTV frontend on the mac. Something about free unmolested content is appealing to me unlike the alternatives
  9. Dell Opens "IdeaStorm"

    yeah maybe apple should take notice eh? LOL!!! ;-)
  10. Is Titan really a one-stop solution?

    Its quite easy to blame apple when game developers say that OpenGL in OSX is utter {censored}. look at the actual % of implemented opengl 2.0 and 2.1 its appauling.
  11. amds quad core solution

    AMD also has another CPU that will make the baby Jesus cry. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=80385 I think you can tell Intel where to stick their 80 core. Up their !!
  12. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    I just took apart my G5 iMac iSight version to clean all the dust out dropped the temps near 10c! whats the temps btw? I am running at 53c idle....
  13. Leopard, iLife 07, and iWork 07 Coming in March?

    Hopefully apple will just open it up and allow it installable
  14. 2,150,400 songs in your pocket!

    Software Raid! Specially with ZFS!!