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  1. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    Interesting is where the topic went from when I started it and where it is now
  2. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    What else works: Audio -voodoo keyboard+touchpad with ALPS driver and PrefPanel battery sleep mode Kexts below So far: -Bluetooth -audio -card reader -nvidia 650m -fullhd4000 QE -Wi-FI -touchpad -keyboard shortcuts for screen brightness -battery -webcam -sleep Please help make Wi-Fi work(atheros ar5bwb222),tried every kext but did not succeed,thank you I was wondering if anyone is reading this topic and I would like to know if my Acer Aspire V3-771g is safe for work using these kexts,could this brick my laptop?Is there something else which need to be installed like power management kexxts?what is nullPowerManagement and FakeSMC?I read that this are mandatory or else you could not boot,but I did not install any of those and I got no issue. OtherWorkingKexts.zip
  3. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    I managed to boot it ,I had to put PS2 kext in it for the touchpad and keyboard cause otherwise they would not be detected.I got full HD4000 quartz acceleration 1920x1080 full HD just by adding the custom made by myself org.chameleon.Boot.plist(listed below) in the Extra folder.The Extra folder should be created on the root of the HDD. I managed to pass the "DSMOS has arrived" by deleting the NVidia kexts from System/Library/extensions,which are NVDAGF100hal.kext, NVDAGK100hal.kext, NVDANV50Hal.kext, NVDAResman, NVSMU.kext I listed kexts below.Feel free to try.Till now HD4000 work flawless,things which need to be solved are: -Bluetooth -audio -card reader -nvidia 650m -Wi-FI -gestures on touchpad -brightness on screen -battery -webcam works OOTB,but it is too dark -sleep mode ISSUE:Cause I am not allowed to upload the file "org.chameleon.Boot.plist",just rename the file NEW.txt with "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" PS2 kexts.zip New.txt
  4. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    hello , Did anyone successfully install Mountain Lion on Acer v3-771g ? I managed to install it but I can not boot into the OS unless I use -x option.My system hangs at "DSMOS has arrived" I installed FakeSMC.kext the latest version,but issue is still there.Let this post be the guide to anyone who managed to successfully install it on this machine. My specs are:i5-3210m ,4GB Ram,Nvidia 650m,750GB HDD,Full HD display Thank you
  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have made HD4000 to work !!!! HAPPY at the power of 10 Yahooooooooooooooooooo!
  6. If I install Chameleon Bootloader I get KP ,chimera works,but I need Chameleon Wizard to edit.Please help,how to enable HD4000?I don`t know how to inject EFI string
  7. So I thought to use SuperDuper to backup Mountain Lion just to save it before it will crash.What bootloader should I choose?Chameleon or Chimera?Is Mul ti Bea st from tony x 86 any good?
  8. YES !!! Managed to install it ,now I have to install all the other kexts HD4000 .....
  9. So I got into the Welcome screen,but now I have no keyboard or mouse working,how can I inject kexts into the installation now,through Terminal?If yes how?
  10. Hello Celtic9, I finally got into the setup screen.The reason why I got stuck at "com_lnx2mac_realtekrtl81xx" was cause I used U ni bea st and checked "Laptop support" option to be installed and I believe that option caused the issue.So,if anyone has the same laptop Dell Inspiron 7520 (15r Special Edition) don`t check the legacy option or the laptop support option in Un i be ast.(writing that word like this cause it will get marked with X`s if I write it as a whole).I also managed to inject kexts with kext wizard.I did all this through a Lion vmWare virtual machine. I did not install Mountain Lion yet cause I have to make a partition for it and when I shrank one of my 4 partitions just to make a new one I got a message which states the fact that I have to convert the disc to "Dynamic Disk".I read that MBR or Windows 7 supports only 4 partitions.Probably I will get rid of the Dell Utility partition.Does anyone know where on dell`s site can I find that utility in case I need it to put it back ?
  11. I receive this and it stops "com_lnx2mac_realtekrtl81xx" I have Dell Inspiron 7520( 5520 special edition) Help please How did you manager to get through all the errors? I injected the kexts but get stuck at "com_lnx2mac_realtekrtl81xx" which is the enthernet,so I disabled integrated NIC from BIOS and got stuck at "DSMOS has arrived" which is the last message on the screen.I have the same laptop
  12. Dell Inspiron 5520 SE or 7520

    Hello, Did someone successfully install Lion or Mountain Lion on Dell Inspiron 5520 SE also named 7520 ? Thank you
  13. Can you play chess ? cause I have QE but with OpenGL issues,my pc freezes when i wannt to play chess