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  1. Hello I try to get running my Hackintosh with Dual Xeon. But they wont! When i disable Cpu1 and boot with Cpu0 they work. When i disable cpu 0 and boot with cpu1 they boot too. Only at booth cpus they wont boot. I cant beleve it. I have tried Acpi Rollback 10.8.1 but didnt help. Can one help me?
  2. Hello again I have found that boot with one cpu is going everything. Only CPU0 and CPU1. But with booth i become that Kernel Panic... One of you Solution for this?
  3. Do you know where i can download the dsdt for the sr-2? i have tried with dsdt editor and the patch from olarila. But it seems i make faults...
  4. Hi Protegé... What do you have do to working with dual xeon sr2 and 10.9? without CPUs=1 i become kernel panic
  5. Same Problem here. Kernel Panic with sr2 and dual xeon x5650... With one xeon is go. but lower Modell. acpi error CPU KP... I will try your step above. But i have same Problem with 10.8 install stick created by [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]...
  6. Hi DJenkins Thank you for Replay! I woult try to ask RampageDev... I hope with her DSDT it is going. About your Opignion for Raid Cards... both 2680 working perfectly in Windows with the SR-2 Board. It isnt compatibility Problem i think. Because when it is the Problem are in Windows too... Or are the described Problem for Raid Controller Cards with the SR 2 only in Hackintosh? Thank you Divotion
  7. Hello I write here while i cant find any Solution for my problem in the Net. I have changed My Board from a gigabyte z68x ud5 b3 to the evga classfield sr2. I have two Rocketraid 2680 Controller without Problem in my Gigabyte board. OSX Recognizing my Controller in 10.7-10.9... 10.8 and 10.9 havnt go with original kext. I have copied it from 10.7 without Problems in 10.8 and 10.9. Now after change to my sr2 the Controlles works under windows without Problems. When i take the Kext same as Gigabyte Procedure Mac osx initialize them but they hangs. The system would be extremely not usable and the Volumes ist mounting. in Diskutility i see the Volumes. I have tried to put in slot 4-7 the cards or in combination and only one. No luck. Have changed the Rocketraid 2680 pci e speed from 4 to 1x... No luck. Have tried in 10.8 and 10.9. Cant found a Solution to have my Volumes. I think the Problem is the Southbridge and drivers in Osx for my sr2 (5520Chipset). With the Gigabyte Board havt this Problem... It gives a better chipset for the sr2 compatibility for hackintosh? What i have tried is to make my own dsdt.aml... i have make it in Windows with dsdt editor and downloaded the txt definition for my sr2 from oralira.com... No Luck too... And flashed the controllercards 2680 with and without init13 and realocate ebda... no Luck too... I hope one of you have a Solution. Dont wont change the board or controllercards. Thanks!!! Divotion