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  1. Hi Gringo, There is virtually nothing in the other ACPI modules. I am trying to put the Speedstep additions into the existing _PR section at the very start of the DSDT file but am having no luck getting it to compile so far. I attach all of the acpi code, any help would be much appreciated. 5207acpi.zip
  2. Thanks, I guess I need to read the ACPI docs and try to get some sort of understaning of ACPI source. The bios has Disabled, Enabled and Enhanced options for C-States 1-4 (Currently set to enhanced). Also has Min, Max, Automatic and Disabled settings for Speedstep (Currently Automatic) and a "Hard C4" option which forces minimum VID in C4. I wonder if this problem isnt related to some sort of issue with the bios detecting a T7200 cpu.
  3. Hi Gringo, I'm probably being a noob here but does this bios just not have an SSDT table? ./acpixtract -l /root/acpi.dat Signature Length OemId OemTableId OemRevision CompilerId CompilerRevision DSDT 13813 "0AAAA " "0AAAA000" 00000000 "INTL" 20051117 FACS 64 FACP 244 "A M I " "OEMFACP " 10000701 "MSFT" 00000097 APIC 92 "A M I " "OEMAPIC " 10000701 "MSFT" 00000097 MCFG 60 "A M I " "OEMMCFG " 10000701 "MSFT" 00000097 OEMB 97 "A M I " "AMI_OEM " 10000701 "MSFT" 00000097 HPET 56 "A M I " "OEMHPET " 10000701 "MSFT" 00000097 XSDT 76 "A M I " "OEMXSDT " 10000701 "MSFT" 00000097 RSDP "ACPIAM" Found 9 ACPI tables [20060324]
  4. Hi All, I'm actually trying to Speedstep working in Linux but it seems my Bios has no P-States or C-States. If I disable Speedstep in the bios Linux can adjust clockspeed only with P4_Clockmod. The first post is really interesting but I'm unsure what to remove for my dual core T7200 and also if the _PDC sections of my DSDT need to be removed. Motherboard: Tyan S5207 CPU: Intel T7200 Min: FID 6 / VID 19 Max: FID 12 / VID 39 Can anyone help with the attached DSDT? dsdt.zip