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  1. Hi there Genius Bar people, I just recently purchased an HP Pavilion dv2915nr (sorry if I'm repeating myself), and I have tried Leo4Allv3. Most of the hardware works except for the wireless Intel PRO 3945a/b/g card and the HP Webcam, even by trying the newest iwi3945 driver by javaloui didn't work for me. Does anyone know of either a good Leopard distro or any new kexts, or possibly help with javaloui's driver if possible? EDIT: also, before any assumptions, I have searched everywhere for workarounds but couldn't find a solution. EDIT 2: sorry, it's jalavoui, not javaloui. Sorry about that jalavoui.
  2. Why does my keyboard do thıs:

    did you try looking under International in System Preferences? See if yours is under U.S.
  3. wow this sounds like a very nice experiment. What about Sound Blaster X-Fi series cards, are they supported as well?
  4. Problems upgrading to 10.5.4

    did you read through the whole readme? If I remember correctly, when it gets to the Darwin booter, you need to press F8 and type in "update -v" without quotes, and if you still can't start you restart the machine in verbose mode. I think that's how it works, but otherwise the majority of us has gotten to update successfully.
  5. I must say, impressive work! I wonder if it can also be done with our old famous OSX Tiger which had started it all, and same going with Snow Leopard to be released. Has anyone tried it with the retail Tiger, or even the beta Snow Leopard?
  6. Hey there hackintosh gurus, I have a problem with my sound. It's not that the sound's completely off, but now everytime I listen to music, it's like the voice becomes cancelled out, even in flash I get the same issue. This happened around a week after updating from 10.5.2 install disc by Leo4All to 10.5.3 by Kalyway's ComboUpdate. Did the update cause this? If so, how can I fix the sound issue? Thanks for reading, hoping for a reply asap.
  7. hi Chaleman, Sleep works for me. My BIOS version is 1006 (it's the beta one), and I disabled JMicron, disabled Speedstep, umm... I don't quite remember all of it. You should check the HCL for 10.5.2, under ASUS, and model P5K-E Wi-fi/AP should be there (note I'm using the non wi-fi one), and look at their BIOS settings should work. Yeah I understand how it feels without webcam, probably mine is old... anyone know of cheap webcams that'll work with both Mac and Windows?
  8. guess my best bet is to wait for a patch, thanks Cinner
  9. first of all, great DVD compilation, I think it was eddie11 who made it? Installer works after a few tries, boot up works without problems, everything is flawless! The only problem I'm having is when I choose to shut down, OS X will shut down but the system itself won't. Any patch to fix this? I'm using an ASUS P5K-E mobo if that helps, thanks
  10. thanks iSOJO, hmm but it's weird that after I've installed this AppleSMBIOS.kext I've been having hang issues now, time and again. Unless I was supposed to do something else with Mac.nub's AppleSMBIOS.kext?
  11. I have used Kalyway's 10.5.2 install on my P5K-E, everything works great! I admit, but I was just wondering why the Number of Processors says 0, and the total number of cores says 1. Under my About this Mac, it details my processor, but aside of that the RAM says 800MHz while it's supposed to be 1066MHz. Anybody know why? P.S., I have searched the forum, but I couldn't find answers to my problem.
  12. About this Mac

    will this work with Kalyway? Sometimes I feel insecure after patching as I might get kernel panics, but for those who use Kalyway 10.5.2, please report
  13. This is the last message I get in verbose mode: Feb 12 11:23:49 localhost /usr/bin/ocspd[75]: starting after that, nothing, and I've waited for 45 minutes as before. What's up?