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  1. 10.9.5 Pentium / Celeron / ATOM Kernel

    Tried booting with the Kernel for 10.10, but even did not come to clover for boot. I have T100HA (64bit UEFI and Atom x5). Only Black screen when i select the UEFI Thumb Drive, so Clover even doesn't show up, any clues out there? Would like to try your kernel for the CherryTrail Atom.
  2. @Trucker MK Bux_booga said in Post #30 that the he sees not all colors or the colors are not fading right. I have the same problem. I think QE is enabled but how do i fix it? Any ideas?
  3. You have to compress these files to a ZIP Archive. Had the same question yesterday ACER Aspire 7750G-2416G50Mnkk Package Please read the READ_FIRST file in the zip Package. If there are any Questions left just send me a message. This Package includes all my used kext, This Package is for LION 10.7.3 (not tested under older versions) Have Fun! ACER Aspire 7750G-2416G50Mnkk.zip This file can also be found on: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2694
  4. Here you go: DSDT: dsdt.zip VBIOS: 6741.8000.0200.vga.rom.zip i dumped VBIOS now but i don't know how to convert it so that you can read it. Maybe you know it better
  5. Thanks for your work! Here are my results: With your ATI6000Controller.kext and PEGP patched in DSDT WITH GraphicsEnabler i get a BIG Screen with some white stripes. The Display is too small for the resolution even when i change the resolution to 800x600 the screen is too big for my laptop. What happened? Without Graphicsenabler patched DSDT and ATIController the Card is not mentioned in System Preferences and i am on a low resolution. What did i made wrong? EDIT: i will try it only with Bux_boogas patch. Wait a couple minutes!
  6. Thanks Trucker! i patched my dsdt with the one of bux_booga this morning. Thanks for the hint with the AICPUPM Patch. i patched it. The PC goes now to hibernate mode and wakes up after 2 seconds again. It must have to be something with the USB Ports look here: Wake reason = EHC1 EHC2 May 8 18:02:25 erics-mac-pro kernel[0]: No interval found for . Using 8000000 May 8 18:02:25 erics-mac-pro kernel[0]: USB (EHCI):Port 1 on bus 0x1a has remote wakeup from some device May 8 18:02:25 erics-mac-pro kernel[0]: USBF: 83.649 AppleUSBEHCI[0xffffff800f929000]::ResumeUSBBus - controller took (8) turns to get going Edit: So it seems that when i close the lid the system stays at sleep. So this problem is solved. But this is not the only thing. The Display does not wake up really, there is nothing shown... How to fix that? Should i try your AICPUPM next ? I am using 10.7.3... Installed your AICPUPM kext and this is working too, but nothing changes. I try again the PEGP patch.
  7. So i compiled my DSDT now and system works now. Hibernation does not work ---> System shuts down and turns on again after 2 seconds, but no screen Any fixes for that? Sleep does not work good ---> System sleeps but screen remains in a blue color and fan goes on and on. Any fixes for that? I tried the DSL patch from Bux_booga but DSDT Editor gave me a lot of errors after that, so i leaved this out. UPDATE: Added the Bux_booga patch now but nothing really changes. I deleted NullCPUPowerManagement.kext When i add sleepenabler.kext i get a KP on next boot with according to PS2 and IntelCPUPowerManagement, so this is not the solution for me. Multitouch works for me now. (not the Apple stuff, but scrolling, swiping with fingers and clicking) Anybody interested in these kext? My System: Acer 7750G Core i5 2410M 6650M 1GB Vram 6GB Ram
  8. Your keyboard does not work? I could upload the kext if you want. USB 3.0 doesn't work for me, everytime i plug in a device the whole system freezes. Touchpad and Keyboard work for me. USB 3 is not that important to me. Does Hibernation work for you?
  9. Okay, so i will do some research! See you soon. I will post the kext when i found it! Here you go for Touch/Trackpad: Touchpad.zip- or try this Link: http://www.mediafire...ya4ii66v122w7gk There is no Multitouch support, but if you Click on the pad you have a mouse click! Thats a small but a great improvement! EDIT: BTW your question about USB 3.0: Did you tried this kext? http://osx86.net/dow...do=file&id=2293 I'm not sure if this is the right one, but it might be. I will test it tomorrow.
  10. Nice! This works too! In the meantime, i got a Kernel Panic, but i rebooted again and it works! So the only thing which is left: The Touchpad. Do you have a driver for Multitouch? I can only move the cursor but with clicking on the pad nothing happens...
  11. Everything works. The first boot on a clean install and it worked! I booted it 15 times now, no Problem at all. Maybe its because i updated to Bios 1.18 before install? I have the same Ethernet as you, maybe you can provide me the link to the kext? I only have one for 10.6. But it is not so important because Wifi works! Thank you!
  12. It WORKS! Thank you very much! Writing this Message from the new Mac with the great resolution!!! I will make an entire disk backup now, so that i am save I will also post all required Kexts here, to get everything worked on the 7750g! Thank you, for this great work!
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm making a new fresh installation on my laptop with 10.7.3. I did not used your chimera build before, maybe thats the problem! You have done great work so far! See you in a few days