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  1. Thanks for the update, I just used the kext you linked to enable restart. I have no idea how I could have missed that earlier. I can confirm that my system is fully operational using clover in legacy mode, except for sleep, which doesn't work.
  2. Yes, there will not be any problems if you use a separate physical drive. Dualbooting can be handled via drive priority in your EFI/BIOS. You could also keep OSX disk as the first boot option and use clover (if you have it as your bootloader) to select windows instead of OSX during boot.
  3. Last week I was presented with an nForce mobo and used parts of your 10.10 guide to setup 10.11.6 on it. It works pretty much flawlessly, though I would love to see restart and sleep working. Do you think it is something that could be achieved?
  4. andy1997

    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Use EeeACPI.kext from "untitled_folder" provided in the original post.
  5. andy1997

    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Try now. And does App Store work for you?
  6. andy1997

    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    This driver should work for the Wi-Fi http://www.mediatek.com/en/downloads/pcimpcicb-rt2860rt2790rt309x/ I kept using it and it should be fine. I remember I had 2 versions of the Ralink app, but I can't seem to find them now. For the rest, use https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=A3E424E1727C0C25!7135&authkey=!AKam3Rhn7sy6Ceo&ithint=folder%2czip Remove AppleHDA and reboot before installing VoodooHDA.
  7. andy1997

    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Is your Wi-Fi Atheros or Ralink? For trackpad and keyboard reinstall PS2 kexts, for sound install VoodooHDA.
  8. andy1997

    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Hello I have a problem with brightness function keys in my 1001HA. I've added PNLF to dsdt and I'm using AppleBackilght.kext, but the brightness keys are: Fn+Delete for decreasing brightness and Fn+Pause for increasing it. Any tips on how to fix this? Andy
  9. Thank you for such a quick response DarwinDumper worked great, I successfully turned the hex to plist. You were right, it actually was a string for gma950. I followed the guide and it worked! Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello I have an (almost) perfectly hacked Asus 1001HA with 10.6.8, the only problem is, that App Store doesn't work. An unexpected error occurs when I try to log in. In IORegistryexplorer, I can see, that my ethernet is not detected as built-in, even though I tried Chameleon's ethernet built-in option. I also tried to generate an efi string for my ethernet card with EFI Studio 1.1, but I already had a device-properties string in c.a.b.plist and I do not what it is for, but if i remove it, or substitute it with the string from EFI Studio, the system will hang on white screen after the spinning wheels does its job. Oh, and I used NBI to install chameleon. Should I somehow combine these two strings? I would be very grateful for any help. I've attached the efi string I have in device-properties. efi.rtf
  11. andy1997

    Can I install OsX to Asus EEPC 1001HA

    This guide is also great. http://www.insanelym...ing-is-working/ 10.6.8 works with legacy kernel, atheros wifi works with IO80211.kext from 10.6.6, ralink needs an extra driver, which has a package installer, I can send it to you if you'll need it. With kexts from the guide, you'll have everything working.
  12. andy1997

    1001HA Atheros Wi-Fi

    Well, I kinda just have successfully connected to my school router and I'm writing this post from here (: So, I guess it works. Andy
  13. andy1997

    1001HA Atheros Wi-Fi

    Great! It works, thanks a lot. And on my other netbook, I have RT3090 and Ralink Wireless Utility installed. I connects to the router, but I cannot access the internet, can you help me, or shall I start a new topic? Andy
  14. andy1997

    Ralink RT3090 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Adapter

    Check out this site. http://www.ralinktech.com/en/04_support/support.php?sn=502
  15. andy1997

    1001HA Atheros Wi-Fi

    Hi, Reinstalled OS X, but updated to 10.6.8, now everythings, except wifi. I tried many IO80211Family.kext, but none of the worked. What do you mean by "generic atheros kext"?