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  1. Hello , maybe someone in here may give me a hand... i want to install snow leopard on my computer but i dunno which drivers and stuff to usee my specs are in general: dv4-1155se amd turion ultrax2 2.2ghz 4gb ram fujitsu 320gb HDD ati 3200hd vista 64bits i tried to install leopard 10.5.2 but the hdd was recognized as flash memory it had the same icon as the ipod or a usb hdd thank you , any help would be appreciated
  2. yo tengo una dv4-1155se y si se puede yo pude instalar leopard en mi pc lo unico que no me reconocia el SO era los botones quick touch. si lo vas a instalar utiliza kalway ese es el que yo utlize y verifica estar instalando correctamente el driver de la tarjeta de video porque aveces es un problema

    these may be aproblem of unpartitioned space that the Install disk you used failed to do ... first get ubuntu, or another kind of linux... install it and tell the wizard you want to use the hole disk so it will format and partition your HDD.. If you dont want to install linux I suggest you to try to use the Gnome Partitioner called Gpart... is freeware and it got the most of a partition software you may want to use... if that does not work try contacting me and see what can be done... fawkes32@gmail.com
  4. ok, about what you said of the pale blue screen i had the same error, or however you wanna call it.... i fix it.. with .. a vga dongle... serch in google for it.. in images.... follow the simple instructions... and see if it works... this may be because you have a integrated video card. like mine... intel GMA915 .... i have an hp... "hp pavilion dv 1000" with OSX86 10.4.11 working... i cannot get the dvd to work.. but still trying... also i cannot use efi .. hope is useful....
  5. JaS 10.4.6 Install DVD

    try using the vga dongle maybe your video card is the problem.
  6. Perfect Tiger Installation

    i think.... that is leopard not tiger..... looks .. nicee...
  7. Kalyway and Dell 9300 .. no joy :(

    i dont know what is the difference or how to chose, MBR or GUID......have you ever tried burning the dvd again at lowest speed posible... it worked for me.. with tiger... jas 10.4.6 ummm, i think yo u dont need core2duo , because i dont and i can.....
  8. see... i have this hp pavilion dv1000, i have installed tiger 10.4.6 , but i decided to install kalway but when i try to boot from the cd.... my computer at random time reboot and start over again.... i have tried the -v option, but it happens so fast that i cant even have time to read, "halted by root"..... i don't know what that mean..... another problem is that i have installed once "succesfully" but at the boot, whitout dvd, it reboots and reboots its a bucle.... dont know what to do....