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  1. Will mobile intel® 45 express chipset family kext work for hackintosh?!?!?
  2. ballerh

    Is there a kext for Intel HM67 chipset?

    or Mobile Intel HM55 Express ???
  3. I need to get this chipset working when I get my new laptop... how do I??
  4. On the laptop site on the specs all it says is that, it doesnt say the model.... so i dont know, but if its not compatiblem I'll use a usb wireless adapter
  5. ballerh

    Can Mac OS X Lion run on Intel Centrino ?

    Ya I've known that for a while now.... but thanks
  6. I'm getting a new laptop and I want to know if this network driver will work on hackintosh: -Intel 802.11b/g/n WLAN ???????
  7. ballerh

    Please answer! Really need to know!

    Ok thanks alot.
  8. i wanna ask in general, say if i had a laptop motherboard that can work but not right away, what would i do, this one blog, a guy said you would have to create your own dsdt. Is that true, and if so how????
  9. Prasad M B transmac works perfectly !!! so i dont need a mac
  10. I want to install snow leopard 10.6.6i onto my sony laptop from a usb, but i dont have a working mac, so i want to know if theres a way to install the iso onto the usb on windows 7 ??
  11. I wanna ask if i can install mac os x lion on intel centrino !! i have a 2008 sony laptop mobel and it has intel centrino inside.
  12. no the graphics will never work ... sorry and you can ask anyone and u will get the same answer . Just face it, thats what I did
  13. First of all : Type in USBBusFix=Yes PCIRootUID=0/1 second : Your graphics isnt compatible at all so there isnt a point because no graphics = no videos what so ever and resolutio etc and just putting this in i have the same graphics as you and i installed iatkos s3 v2 before onto my toshiba laptop and it worked but the chipset and graphics didnt work so i dont recommend it. but if your gonna do it just use the command i told you and the command will work for you by the way but no graphics and no chipset = no point