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  1. Hi everyone, i'm a newbie to OSx86, but at least i managed to install :-) Running is everything except from: ATI radeon IGP 350m Soundmax AC97 (Vendor id: 10b9 Dev: 5451) O2Micro Sd-Reader and WLAN Intel 2100B (internal pci) i have no problem with sd-reader and graphics but i'm dieing to get the sound working. i have already tried the wiki ac97 help but didnt work...surfed throught the forum but havent found any solution. Hope anyone can help. Thanks btw: OSx86 ROCKS!
  2. SoundMax AD198x - AC97 Sound

    hi everyone, i quite a newbie...install of osx run very smoothly...only sound (soundmax) and graphics offcourse (ATI) are not running. tried to modify as written before. my problem is that i dont know my ADS number. Everst always tells me it a different producer altought i definatley know it von ADI Soundmax. my vender and dev are: Ven: 10B9 Dev: 5451 i hope somebody can help me. thanks eule