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    Input Remapper 1.0.03 Release

    I've never had the wizard correctly set the "Eject CD" functionality, even with the default settings in the wizard. I always have "Print Screen" in the confuration created by the wizard where "Eject CD" should be. OK...first things first...If you have the BootCamp CD in, I'm guessing you installed the apple drivers. Good move, but now your need to get rid of their keyboard drivers, which completely disable Input Remapper. Beliyaal has posted instructions for removing the Apple Keyboard drivers here. Ok..once that is done, reboot, and then check to see if your problem has been solved. If not, you need to set up the eject key functionality. Here are the steps: Click the Input Remapper notification tray icon and choose "Configure..." Find the heading "Remappings", subheading "MackBook Pro", subheading "40: Normal | Ignore all keys" There is probably an entry in there that says "F13(1) | Mouse/Keyboard Generate (PrtSrn)", right click on that entry, and select "Delete Action". Ok, now we can create the correct action...Right click on ""40: Normal | Ignore all keys" and select "Create new key binding" A dialog pops up asking you to hit the key, press the eject button (F13). Another dialog asks you "Remap to Type", select "CD Manipulation". Press OK. Another dialog asks you the action...the default (and only choice) is "Eject CD". Press OK. That's it...close the "Configure..." box.
  2. junkshow

    Do you like vista?

    My favorite Windows OS yet. I hate the bloatware that comes with it. I hate that it ignores settings (like disabling access to IE). It is still very "microsoft". It is REALLY good by their standards, though...I'm actually pretty impressed. In fact, it is so good, that I finally am starting to notice things in Windows that I wish the MacOS did, and that never used to happen.
  3. junkshow

    Input Remapper 1.0.03 Release

    This version is working well for me, too. No crashes and it is doing everything I want. The "Eject CD" functionality in the Wizard doesn't work, so I had to learn how to use the Configure... dialog. I'm glad I did...now I have the EXACT setup I want. Automatic keyboard backlight and screen dimming are working well for me. Two suggestions for UI improvement: 1) Fix Eject CD in the wizard, it currently sets Print Screen instead. Also, it would be nice if the wizard showed the current settings instead of the defaults. 2) Add a virtual full-sized keyboard to allow mapping to a key that isn't available on the laptop keyboard. (Scroll lock, for example). Neither of these is a big deal...the utility is in very good shape at this point. Thanks so much!
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    (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    No, but you can put it to sleep by holding the play/pause button.
  5. junkshow

    Input Remapper 1.0.02 Beta

    Sorry...just wanted to check. Are you running any other keyboard drivers (like for a USB keyboard)? If so, try rolling back to the built-in HID driver. What flavor of VIsta are you running?
  6. junkshow

    Input Remapper 1.0.02 Beta

    First, many thanks to Beliyaal for providing this great utility. It is really handy, and I really appreciate you providing it to the community. Some feedback on my experience (using MBP Core Duo 2.0GHz w/ Vista Business Ed.): In version 1.0.01, the Eject CD's function of the eject key doesn't work, but other eject key remappings work fine. In version 1.0.02, the eject key is ignored altogether (no remappings work). The Mac Book Keyboard Wizard comes up with default settings in both versions. I think the user experience would be better if it showed the current configuration. I can reliably replicate a BSOD by selecting "Log Off" from the shutdown menu (with 1.0.01 and 1.0.02). No other shutdown menu actions cause a problem. I have a crashdump, if you would like it. Other than that, it is working great. Thanks! @Birch81: You do realize that with the default configuration you need to press the FN key when you use those functions in Windows, right? @red2: There is a setting for that in the Mac Book Keyboard Wizard (Swap Tilde/Paragraph with OEM key)