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  1. successfully update to 10.7.2 after following perroboy's steps here. after reboot, sound doesnt work. bigpoppa206 guide made my day. thanks!
  2. hi, try refer to this link for the installation process. http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=...=244845#p244845
  3. 10.7.2 already out. anyone had use it?
  4. anyone got their headphone/front speaker working?
  5. same as kmare, i use UD3P model mobo. all seems working great for now. only my probs is i cant connect to internet cause i use usb wimax. no driver yet i think will get lan connection soon. big thanks to Eliade for the tips.
  6. could you please post any screenshot?
  7. can someone please mirrored it to mediafire. cant download from the forum. keep download php file.
  8. just use doom's guide mate, it's right here.
  9. updated to 10.6.2. replaced sleepenabler.kext with the one from netkas.org. reboot. everything works from now. will update if got any kp.
  10. any good news for snow leopard user?
  11. another fresh installation done. everything works great. here what i do : follow nullspot usb installation guide for the install drive preparation install chameleon 2 rc3 using installer package restore the dvd from my sl retail dvd extra folder setup run pciefi installer ( cant found boot file on my install drive. the chameleon installer doesnt install the boot file i think, but not very sure) replace the boot file with netkas 10.5 boot file (after i found the boot file). reboot start the installation installation succeed reboot from the usb. select my sl installation disk. finish the installation. extra folder setup for the sl drive reboot whooha thanks everyone especially to d00m (for the guide) and ssnova (for the string). wanna proceed with dual boot installation with win 7 after this.
  12. do i need clean installation or just replace the files?
  13. i dont know whether it's bootloader probs or not. the one one usb is rc1 meanwhile in my sl drive is rc2. how i wanna change the files?i try to use pcefi installer to overwrite, but still same. anyone know which files i should replace?
  14. ok. just trying to install again using usb drive install. works great with sound, graphic and internet when i boot from the usb. after i install chameleon on sl disk and do all the setup for the drive, remove the usb and try reboot again but with no working graphic. also, when boot from the usb, they show all my partitions from the disk. but when boot from the sl disk, only the sl partition appear.