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  1. Hmm thanks. I have installed windows 8 preview. Actually i do tri-boot with windows 7, windows 8 and mac os lion. Windows 8 is just too damn fast. Its so much faster than windows 7
  2. Boot with windows 7 dvd and do a clean format of the partition where Lion is installed. Then install again with iAktos lion
  3. Boot with -v GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1
  4. ok ok guys just chill. I meant no offence. And i will keep using XPS 15 as 2nd laptop.
  5. @birdibird Hmm exactly, I was going for that but then apple released macbook pro 15 retina. So thin so light, yet a 2.6GHz core i7, 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz, GT650 1GB DDR5(2.5x faster than GT540M), 512GB SSD and the retina screen offcourse. So i thought its better to buy new laptop.
  6. Its just my opinion. And its not just about games. I am currently studying computer science engineering and i have to work with 3D rendering. I also use photo editing and video editing. I do it in desktop in lab, but sometimes when i push it in XPS 15 its slow. For all these task the GT540M kinda seems old plus i only have 4GB of Ram. And I am also an iOS developer (jailbreaking stuff).
  7. hmm seems like this GT540M will never work out. Anyway, our XPS 15 L502x has become old now with its old hardware. I'm getting a new laptop after couple of months. But I'm confused whether to buy Macbook Pro 15 Retina or Alienware 17x. Why don't you guys go for new laptop too ? My xps 15 lags now while playing games like battlefield 3 at high settings. It won't keep up with the new games.
  8. Some people have managed to activate nvidia GT540M on Acer Aspire 4750G which has optimus and also uses Intel HD3000. So why is this nvidia card not working in our system ??
  9. @ DoiX : Plus the new macbook pro 15 and 17 inch runs Nvidia Geforce GT650M with graphics switching technology which we can say OPTIMUS in other words. And i guess there is not much difference between our card 540M and 650M. So is there a hope that it can work out ? I would have let you a helping hand, but i don't know anything in this field.
  10. @ DoiX - i updated to 10.7.4 by downloading the combo update from apple. after the update, i am facing problems with USB 3.0 ports. The USB mouse works in usb 3 port but when i connect my iPhone in usb 3 port, it does not display anything. The iPhone starts charging, but nothing is displayed in computer, nor it is showed in iTunes. i am using the usb 3 kexts form your latest installer package.
  11. I'm here after a long time. any progress on fully working mountain lion ???
  12. by battery life's better now. got +1 more hour with the new DSDT, thanks to DoiX again
  13. oh so silly of me. didn't notice that. thanks mate.
  14. @ DoiX : is there any possibility that TAP TO CLICK in trackpad will work in our mac systems just like it works on every windows os ???
  15. i have installed the PS/2 drivers of iAKTOS LION L2. the two finger scrolling is the same as yours, have to put fingers on the trackpad just after one another instead of at the same time. but with this PS/2 the movement of the mouse is just perfect, like that of the windows, it does not have that lagging movement, like not moving smoothly