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  1. Hi @Doix I have 2 questions: I currently have 10.8.2 installed using iAtkos ML2. I have downloaded the combo update from Apple's website and after the update, which kexts should I replace? Clover is installed in my EFI partition, when booting, I get a fading white screen after the verbose boot with no mouse pointer. When I install chameleon bootloader in the EFI partition, I get "Operation system not found"(Shouldn't it be "Operating system"?) message. I had to install Chameleon onto my USB stick and boot from that. But the chameleon bootloader on my USB stick gives me an error when I tries to boot Windows 8 (something about /boot/BSD). Is it possible to have 2 bootloaders at the same time - Boot into Clover first, then Chameleon when selecting the OS X partition? Or is there a fix to the fading white screen issue i'm experiencing? My Partition Structure from "diskutil list": ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *750.2 GB disk0 1: EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Microsoft Reserved 134.2 MB disk0s2 3: Microsoft Basic Data 209.7 GB disk0s3 4: Apple_HFS Mac OS X 247.0 GB disk0s4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Ben
  2. Hi Doix, Can you please look into my problem? I installed clover boot loader with the UEFI setting on a 4GB flash drive, but when i boot from it, i can only see a white line blinking in the top left corner. I also tried iAtkos ML3U but ended up with the same result. My BIOS is set to UEFI boot only. Thanks Ben
  3. Anyone Tried iAtkos ML3U? The installation disk won't boot with UEFI on my computer
  4. Haha urs has EXACTLY the same specs as mine XD This problem is easy to fix, just reinstall the graphics under system in Doix's package
  5. Just had a bit time for some experimentation before the provincial exams come. For the sleep/wake issue I had, I just simply disabled the GUI boot and put in boot flag -f. The non-GUI boots unexpectedly faster than the original GUI boot, all the kexts loads in 5 seconds. Now my computer can sleep/wake on A12 BIOS without problems(Still testing, my normal test length is about 2 weeks). Speedstep works perfectly too, now I just have to somehow purchase a DW1510 card for my wireless. I still have some problems with the screen brightness after boot, hoping to resolve this after my provincials. Thanks for the great tutorial Ben
  6. Hi @ Kgraphic Can you post the following information? 1. Chameleon plist file in /Extra file 2. Your computer specs, mostly CPU/Display size/ Graphics card And make sure you installed the correct driver in Doix's package
  7. I'm positive that my CPU needs an SSDT file because without it, the processor only has 2 states: 8x and 28x The SSDT file didn't cause the waking from sleep problem either, it still doesn't work without SSDT Here are my GeekBench scores for anyone that needs a comparison: 32-bit (Score-9564): http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1557782 64-bit (Score-10381): http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1557774 *My processor is i7-2670QM
  8. Yes, it works perfectly, I get up to 28x cpu multiplier according to HWMonitor, before it was maximum 11x.
  9. Alright I'll try when I have time, thanks for your help. No, except that the brightness doesn't go full at boot, I'm okay with it because I mostly work in my room where it's dark. I can turn off my display and turn it back on to get the full brightness if I want to.
  10. I didn't really know what I was doing when I had L2 installed.. Never got USB2, Webcam, Sleep to work in L2, didn't even dared to try Speedstep XD So I have no idea..
  11. Hi everyone, especially @Doix XD I recently installed iAtkos Ml over the existing iAtkos L2, everything works fine except Wireless Card and cpu frequency detection. One interesting thing I found about sleep/wake is that whenever I boot with "-f" flag, the sleep and wake works perfectly fine, but without "-f", the computer doesn't wake up, it just stucks on the screen for typing passwords. Is there a way to fix that? My BIOS is modded A12 with OS X sleep fix from some posts above. I used the AppleHDA Wakeup script Doix made. Any help would be appreciated Thanks for the great tutorial!!
  12. I created a bootable ML usb stick using pcwiz13's tutorial. but i got "still waiting for root device error. Then I tried to copy smbios.plist to /Extra folder but i can't find the folder anywhere. Help plz?
  13. @Doix: the Osx86 RetailDisk KitGen v1.1 gave me a message of "do you want to replace..., (y)es, (n)o....." and after I click "ok", it just hangs there.. How can I fix that?