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  1. Unlocker

    Hi, I'm having issues with the unlocker 2.0.8 and ESXi 6.5 on PowerEdge 2950III. With the patch, which i need to run OSX, none of my vm would start I keep receiving this message; KeyhaTask-8-vim.VirtualMachine.powerOn-170465547 State Failed - Transport (VMDB) error -45: Failed to connect to peer process. Errors Transport (VMDB) error -45: Failed to connect to peer process. Now, I had these VM working fine under 5.5 using unlocker 1.3.0, unfortunately this older version did not allow me to connect USB devices from the host to the guests. Now with 6.5 I can do this but then I lost the ability to launch my OSX VM's. I was wondering if anyone of you guys knew how to get OS X guests to run on 6.5 ? Actually, I had few machines which were on Suspend and those works fine as long as I dont reboot. After reboot they just freeze on the wheel... Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Found anything? I also need to change on of my mobo. The current one does not support Quad Core and just got one from a friend. I need something that would support Quad, DDR2 and PCI -e graphic card
  3. Personnally I love this mobo. I have put a better GPU as, when I got mine, the built in GPU was not supported. This mobo is easy to OC and well supported, so good value for the price. Just need to know more about the sound and 10.5.6 as I know only one person who tried and could not get the sound working on 10.5.6, but I haven't tried myself yet.
  4. I've seen somewhere that OpenGL frameworks need replacing with older versions to get QE/CI to work with the integrated GPU. Sorry I don't have the reference here right now as it is at home that I found it. It was in a page where I downloaded the Steve0 kext for the X3100 I'm still running 10.5.5 as I'm afraid to upgrade to 10.5.6. Anyone did the upgrade successfully? I heard that the sound is not working after the upgrade.