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    Hi, I'm having issues with the unlocker 2.0.8 and ESXi 6.5 on PowerEdge 2950III. With the patch, which i need to run OSX, none of my vm would start I keep receiving this message; KeyhaTask-8-vim.VirtualMachine.powerOn-170465547 State Failed - Transport (VMDB) error -45: Failed to connect to peer process. Errors Transport (VMDB) error -45: Failed to connect to peer process. Now, I had these VM working fine under 5.5 using unlocker 1.3.0, unfortunately this older version did not allow me to connect USB devices from the host to the guests. Now with 6.5 I can do this but then I lost the ability to launch my OSX VM's. I was wondering if anyone of you guys knew how to get OS X guests to run on 6.5 ? Actually, I had few machines which were on Suspend and those works fine as long as I dont reboot. After reboot they just freeze on the wheel... Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Found anything? I also need to change on of my mobo. The current one does not support Quad Core and just got one from a friend. I need something that would support Quad, DDR2 and PCI -e graphic card
  3. Personnally I love this mobo. I have put a better GPU as, when I got mine, the built in GPU was not supported. This mobo is easy to OC and well supported, so good value for the price. Just need to know more about the sound and 10.5.6 as I know only one person who tried and could not get the sound working on 10.5.6, but I haven't tried myself yet.
  4. I've seen somewhere that OpenGL frameworks need replacing with older versions to get QE/CI to work with the integrated GPU. Sorry I don't have the reference here right now as it is at home that I found it. It was in a page where I downloaded the Steve0 kext for the X3100 I'm still running 10.5.5 as I'm afraid to upgrade to 10.5.6. Anyone did the upgrade successfully? I heard that the sound is not working after the upgrade.
  5. Board working great. Here is my current setup; P5E-VM HDMI Intel E7200 OC'ed to 3.81GHz (50% Overclocked), FSB 400 ... also 50% overclocked BFG nVidia 8600GT 512MB OC (20% overclocked) Kingwin AWC-1 Water Cooling System for CPU/GPU Xoxide Case with extra side fan and clear side panel To install Retail Leopard DVD follow this link; http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rt=#entry866994 Also included in the link above is the latest BIOS 602 with the Apple Logo to replace that default (ugly) logo screen. Also the BIOS settings I use at 3.81GHz (Saved CMOS format) Have a look and let me know if it works for you. What is left to be done is to figure out a way to have the SATA controller send events to Leopard when a device is hotplug into SATA/eSATA as the new BIOS 604 does allow that.
  6. Nomade

    The Official SATA thread

    Hi all, I have a P5E-VM HDMI mobo with BIOS 604 which allow hotplug of SATA drives. Now I can Eject a eSATA drive and disconnect without problems. When I reconnect, it won't mount automatically, I have to go in Disk Utility and do the mount. Is there a way to handle SATA events in a similar way as for USB ? Thanks
  7. Nomade

    DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    P5E-VM HDMI Install instructions Here is how; Kexts i used; (NOTE: not all those are required for boot, *=minimum requirement) ACPIPS2Nub.kext AppleAC97Audio.kext AppleAPIC.kext AppleHDA.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext *dsmos.kext *IntelCPUPowerManagementDisabler.kext IONetworkFamily.kext *SMBIOSEnabler.kext ALCinject.kext AppleDecrypt.kext AttansicL1Ethernet.kext Not all might be necessary but it did not hurt me to have those, only those for me. BIOS Settings; Well, I have configure AHCI and jMicron, worked fine for me, that is all i can say. Some said it worked only with IDE, again, yours to try whatever is best for you. Tools you will need; Chameleon DFE for Hard Drive (see 1st post) EFIStudio (for the Graphics) ONLY USE AFTER 10.5.4 IS INSTALLED otherwise your system might not boot. I used my modified version of CDBoot_RC2.sh to allow me to run everything from a subdirectory instead of having files at the root level, I also used the BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso image as I did not had the image referenced in the script. In my script I also make sure that all kext are own by root:wheel, again not sure it is a necessary step. Now you are ready; Burn the image and boot it at the prompt install the retail and install with whatever option you wish. I selected to install on the same disk that I am using as I had not enough space to backup my Users directories. Boot again with the cd and select the drive you installed on (80, 81, 82 or whatever) Install Chameleon DFE for Harddrive found on the 1st post. Install the update (I used 10.5.3Combo then 10.5.4Update as I did not had 10.5.4Combo). I also did not install GraphicsUpdates 1.0 as it did not let me do it for some reasons. once booted in 10.5.4, you can now use EFIStudio to generate the gfxstring for your card and modify the com.apple.Boot.plist NOTES: AppleHDA sound problem; Had to copy ALCinject.kext and AppleHDA into the /System/Library/Extensions/ folder of the system disk. I had them into the /Extra/Extensions which get loaded by the Chameleon boot loader, but unfortunately those did not. probably because there is something missing at that point in time. Waiting for boot device UUID ADC743-0973-3E9C-9162-4F23590BF36C Well, I had forgotten to install Chameleon_DFE for Hard Drive before the 10.5.3 update... I had to boot from another OS X disk (my test environment) then install Chameleon on that Leopard disk, then copy manually the /Extra from test to production. Then it booted ok without the CDROM. then did the 10.5.4 updates. Quick fix to stop the Partition boot prompt delay that force you to press enter Edit the "/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist" add a section for Timeout as follow; <key>Timeout</key> <string>1</string> This will give you a 1 second delay before booting the default, which should be your Retail Leopard install. I've attached my version of the BIOS 604 (604LOGO) with Apple Boot Logo. Also attached my CMOS to run at 3.81GHz with a E7200 proc. THANKS TO ALL THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE Here are the attachments/files mentioned above; Enjoy P5E_VM_HDMI_0604_Logo.ROM.zip 604LOGO.ROM.zip 381GHZ.CMO.zip P5E_VM_HDMI_CDBoot.iso.zip CDBoot_RC2.1.sh.zip
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    Thanks Fuz2y for your sharing, One note, you might be require to boot the retail using -x -v -f if you are having difficulties booting, also the BIOS SATA might require to be set as IDE and not AHCI. Overclocking the P5E-VM HDMI For those interested in OC'ing your P5E-VM HDMI, here is what i have achieved this weekend and seem stable, at least according to OCCT and ORTHOS Currently running at 3.81GHz on a E7300, which is 50% OC on CPU and 50% OC on FSB. Here are the settings as well as some mods to my case. http://www.mediafire.com//?sharekey=b1184c...25df52beb7fe4b3 Yes I use the Pencil drop, which drop only 0.01V now (I Used a HB pencil to do as this was the only one available on this island). My room temperature is nice just after work, when all equipment have been off all night and day, then get to the "sweating point" after few hours in the room and computers turned on. This is just a reference to let you know that the room temperature is very warm and certainly does not help the cooling, but good enough with water cooling. I'm actually investigating different solutions to increase the efficiency of the cooling, but it has to be low cost... very low cost and simple. I have a wagan car fridge which i don't use very often, i had considered striping the thermal plate from it to fit in the case, on the mb side there is a little gap between the panel and the backplane, not sure if that would fit but might be a consideration. I'm afraid that the PSU might not be able to handle this... If anyone has any brilliant ideas I am open to realistic solutions, again, something simple and not expensive, here everything is mail order... except for A/C which cost too much to run... In anycase I though I would share my results and settings for a good 3.81GHz for those interested. With this, I consume 220W total, that include the UPS, 2 routers, 2 LCD Screen, the computer that include 3 HDD... not bad Nomad. PICS of the current setup; http://www.mediafire.com//?sharekey=b1184c...25df52beb7fe4b3
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    adrock42; not really, look at the second line of is post; "Display: nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX (PCIe) [768 MB/QE/QGL/CI] 1920x1200@60Hz"
  10. If you have the original DVD, just install the package AdditionalSpeechVoice.pkg and voila!!
  11. Ok, got my board today and planning to put it in the case tonight with water cooling. My only thing missing for now is a supported GPU. I wish I had something, but I guess that will have to wait few more weeks. Any news on the X3500 support? Anyone tried to tweak the X3100 driver and change all Dev ID to match the X3500?
  12. What is the rumor I heard about getting the onboard X3500 to work by patching it's BIOS? If that's so, can we simply patch AppleIntegratedFramework and AppleIntelGMAX3100 ?
  13. Do you mean that you have the OnBoard video to work fine qith full support for QE/CI ? What about using Dual DVI monitors?
  14. Nomade

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Cool guys, I finally got my BCM 5721 builtin card with the BCM5751Ethernet.kext to work on my DELL SX280. Unfortunatly I cannot have the kext in the Extensions directory as it crash the system but I realized that if I load the kext after the boot it work great. I have put an new plist in the LaunchDaemon to do the kextload and that works fine. What left to do is the MAC address which is 00:00:00:00:00:00 but it still work on our network due to our configuration. What I also found, is that using that mac address allow me to have free internet access in some internet cafe!!! Yep, won't work everywhere but all of them that uses the MAC address as the ID of the client computer will most probably let you thru without getting their loggin page... therefore Free Internet Access!!! that works especially for e z e x c e s s from a n t l a b s (dont spread the news!! if you still want to enjoy free internet !! :-)
  15. Nomade

    Marvin's AMD Utility

    Still no luck running it. I have tried on my Macbook running Leopard 10.5.1 as well as on a DELL SX280 running Tiger 10.4.11. Both have the same results... nothing Is there any way to trace what is going on? Why no interface are showing? thanks