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  1. Need your help with DSDT for ASUS U24E

    Today is your lucky day. I will not reply to this message but here is a functional set of Kext and a patched DSDT for the U24E. This is for 10.9. Here are a couple of notes: * You need muiltibeast (misspelled intentionally) 6.0 to make all of this work. I know people don't like this program but many of the needed kext's are in there. There is a text file in the zip file of what to install. * Your screen may have a broken EDID and you might get artifacts and pausing because of it. I had to change the screen to get rid of the problem. Luckily I had one lying around. * Brightness may work using EDID override included. This depends on the screen that you have. * Wi-Fi works * Bluetooth works * Speedstep work * Battery works * Audio works with using included kext and DSDT. Sound stops working after sleep because the sound card outputs are not remapped after waking up from sleep. * Sleep used to work. I don't know why it stopped working, but I don't really mind because of the sound card issue. * Multitouch does not work but I don't mind because I use a bluetooth mouse. An élan touchpad driver exists that may enable it but its fine the way it is for me. Good luck. U24E Everything.zip
  2. After several weeks of use, I would like to further confirm that this issue has not returned in any way after changing the LVDS display.
  3. So I am happy and sad to report that I have resolved the issue. The 10.7 (Lion) installation slowly got worse and eventually got completely unusable like 10.7.4 So I loaded 10.8 (Mountain Lion) onto the machine hoping to solve the issue but it really made no difference. So based on the information that we learned by disabling the internal display the stall goes away, not all HD3000 laptops have this issue, and every laptop basically has the same connections to the LVDS port everything seemed to point to the display itself. I'm not certain on this but it seems that the original display in this computer had bad EDID data. Most of the EDID data was zeros and the build date was from Quarter 1 2004, far before AU Optronics made an 1366x768 11.6 display. I couldn't find a way to get the correct data to override the bad data so the only solution I could come up with was to swap the display. I happened to have an Acer 1810T which is also an 11.6 inch laptop. I opened up the 1810T and it had the same display connector so all it took was pulling the old one out and dropping the new one in. I haven't seen a single ring stall or artifact. Thanks guys The bad display was: AUO Optronics B116XW02 V.0 F/W 1 The good display is: CHI MEI Optoelectronics N116B6-L02 REV:C1
  4. bcc9, very interesting thought. I was looking in the EDID, and my display is declared as a single link. I wonder if osx wants the LVDS to be a dual link. I would love to test 10.8 but don't have a mac developer license.
  5. Hey guys, So running with 10.7.0 the ring stall is not completely fixed. The difference is very very dramatic though. With 10.7.3 or 10.7.4 the screen would freeze whenever something would pop up like a popup window or clicking on a different folder, opening a new window, a notification and definitely most dramatically, when clicking on mission control. Mission control was so bad that it would take over 2 minutes to recover from it. There would also be terrible artifacts after long freezes, causing the screen to be covered in triangles and while scrolling in a browser, a constant alternation between lines to squares to triangles and then to the correct visual. This would be constant so the computer was completely unusable. With 10.7.0 everything works as it should and very rarely, like every couple of hours while doing something erratic like throwing a window below the dock, I might get a ring stall that lasts 5 seconds. Mission control works fine. It is very useable and there are no artifacts. I still haven't tested the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment. Battery life is pretty good with NullCPU. I am getting 4 hours and the computer doesnt get hot. Still its obviously not cured. I am really excited to hear about 10.8. I was really wondering what would happen with 10.8. I am saying something a little different about LVDS. I don't think its caused by a presumption that LVDS is being used as there are other ports in the list such as HDMI and displayport in the list and when they are not connected, they don't cause stalls. In my case LVDS is being used and I still suffer from the stalls. On my desktop with a P8Z68M-PRO with a 2600K I dont get ring stalls when using the macbook pro plist. I have tried to put the 10.7.0 sandybridge kexts in place of 10.7.4 kexts on a 10.7.4 installation but it wont show visual no matter what. It doesn't say anything about SNB not loaded or anything. The boot process runs to dsmos has arrived and then nothing happens. Surprisingly the keyboard works and I can type but the computer doesn't respond to my actions.
  6. So with extensive testing, I think this ring stall issue is really based around some LVDS issue. I have a Asus U24E 11.6" laptop with core i7-2640, VGA and HDMI. Removing of the 0503 entry will cause the ring stall issue to go away, but the internal display won't work. No other modifications besides removing the 0503 entry were necessary to get the ring stall to go away. I tested this by switching to the mac mini 5.1 profile. This profile doesn't have a table entry for LVDS and works fine on an external HDMI display with no stalling or artifacts. Editing the Mac Mini 5.1 entry in AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext (the one with ffff ffff) and adding a 0503 entry in the 3rd row will cause the LVDS internal display to start functioning again but the ring stall would return with it. The same was confirmed in the opposite, removing the 0503 entry from the Macbook Pro 8.1 entry (the first one) will get rid of the ring stall but once again, no internal display. One thing that seems odd is that my internal display is detected as "Built-in spdisplays_display" and all other plugged in displays are detected with a model number. VGA does work by adding a 0602 entry but the display has to be manually detected to show up. It seems that sandy bridge only supports 2 displays. Any combination of 2 displays works but ring stall always exists if LVDS is in use. Edit: I made a custom EDID for my built in display by following this: http://www.tonymacx8...40968&start=110 The EDID override forces osx to properly recognize my display. This also allows me to rotate my display. You can do this by holding cmd and alt and then pressing settings/display. The rotation menu will show up to the right of the resolution select menu. Strangely enough the ring stall and artifacts issue goes away when the rotation is any other mode besides "Standard". Unfortunately its not very practical to use a laptop upside down but at least its another clue. Another Edit: Using 10.7.0 seems to eliminate the ring stalls when used with nullcpupowermanagement.kext. The nullcpupowermanagment is not 100% confirmed. Need to try a patched appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext. It seems the custom EDID allows the LCD brightness control to functions properly.