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    GLXOZ reacted to Mieze for a file, RealtekRTL8111-Binary   
    Open source driver for the Realtek RTL8111/8168 family.
    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111
    Anybody who is looking for a add-on network card with Realtek NIC might want to consider the Delock 89357. This card is equipped with a RTL8111E-VL (chipset 16) which is known to work perfectly with my driver because this chipset is my primary test device.
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    GLXOZ reacted to dimosgmx for a file, Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip   
    Disk Utility 13 is back!
    Requires SIP Disabled
    To run it you need to Allow apps from Anywhere under System Preferences -> Security & Privacy. To enable this options execute in Terminal: sudo spctl --master-disable
    Yosemite Disk Utility for macOS Sierra
    Note: When you launch this version two icons will appear on the dock. This is normal behavior!
    Debug menu is available to list all partitions and mount EFI.
    For the nostalgic or the crazy ones ... your favorite version of Disk Utility now works on macOS Sierra.
    Upon launching you will need to provide password to run the scripts that make things spin.
    Tested on a fresh install of macOS Sierra, on an actual MacBook Pro (separate machine from the one it was modified on)
    Verified the following working:
    1. Creating an image, restoring an image, converting an image
    2. Partitioning a hard drive, erasing hard drive, restoring to hard drive
    3. Verifying disk and repairing disk
    4. Burning iso to DVD
    Please proceed with caution, I would like some feedback from people on errors or bugs that might come up.
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    GLXOZ reacted to Mieze for a file, IntelMausiEthernet   
    Driver for recent Intel onboard LAN controllers. Currently the driver supports:
    5 Series
    82578LM 82578LC 82578DM 82578DC 6 and 7 Series
    82579LM 82579V 8 and 9 Series
    I217LM I217V I218LM I218V I218LM2 I218V2 I218LM3 100 Series
    I219LM I219V 200 and 300 Series
    I219LM I219V Please see the project's homepage at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304235-intelmausiethernetkext-for-intel-onboard-lan/ for a detailed project description.