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    IDE drives limited to 128GB

    It appears the NFORCE 570 uses the same southbridge as its previous generation, so I used an AppleOnboardPCATA.kext file modified to work with MCP51 and it runs fine now. Full speed ahead.
  2. I installed OSX and it's working nicely, but it's having trouble with IDE drives. If I have more than one IDE drive on a channel, it detects it as being 128.0GB. Why would this be? I know older motherboards weren't able to address beyond 128gb back in the olden days, but I have a very new mobo that handles large drives just fine in Linux and Windows. Could this be related to the excruciating slow drive access times I get? Maybe I need some sort of driver for the IDE controller? This is an ECS NFORCE 570 SLI-A.
  3. directedition

    Realtek RTL8139 on 10.4.8

    Use Pacifist to open the Install Disc and search for IONetworkingFamily.kext from October of 2005. Extract it and put it in /System/Library/Extensions (replace the one that's there) then search for tulip.kext on this website. Then do this in Terminal: (stolen from a post somewhere, sorry I can't remember) sudo bash Password: ****** cp -R tulip.kext /System/Library/Extensions cd /System/Library/Extensions ln -s IONetworkingFamily.kext com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily.kext 3) Reboot 4) Run System Preferences, Network to set up your network.
  4. directedition

    Slow IDE?

    Hello, my system is running great with sound and networking and I am quite happy. I lack USB2 right now, but a card is in the mail to remedy that soon. My only real problem is that my harddrive is somehow very slow. Installing takes an hour. Final Cut can't play rendered video without occational frame drops. When copying a file from one partition to another, it's slow and I don't hear the usual griding noise that keeps me up at night. Is there a reason behind this? Could OSX be controlling the IDE channel through some sort of converter or emulator? I'm wondering if I might be better off buying a PCI IDE controller. Mobo: ECS NFORCE 570 SLI-A (MCP51)
  5. directedition

    What PCIE Video Card is OSx86 Friendly?

    With the latest JaS 10.4.8 install my BFG 7800GTX worked out of the box with no modifications of anykind. Dual-screen support and great Quake 4 performance. You can get them for ~$100 on ebay these days and they work perfectly.
  6. directedition

    ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    The ALC883 driver doesn't seem to work on the ECS NFORCE 570 SLI-A motherboard. With I run the installer and nothing happens upon boot. Unless, is there anything else I'm supposed to do after running the installer? EDIT: Spoke too soon, another reboot and suddenly it works. Headphones only like many others, but a step forward.
  7. directedition

    Newbie question on .kext files

    No, I did not. I guess that by deleting those it will force OSX to rebuild them and pick up the new drivers?
  8. directedition

    Newbie question on .kext files

    Is there a proper way to install them? I just download them and copy them to System/Library/Extentions then change the ownership to root:wheel, but my hardware never seems to work when I reboot. I moved a .kext for my audio chipset (It's an Nforce 500 realtek audio and I'm using the 8.8.1 kernel required) and for my network controller (a marvell chip) but when I reboot, neither work or even show up in the System Profiler. Am I just being stupid and missing something obvious?
  9. Is the Radeon 9600 really the only working graphics chip? I mean the GMA950 is great for the home user, but I want OSX for pretty much one reason: Final Cut Pro. I want a Core Duo chip, but it seems ALL the core duo laptops that work are GMA950.