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  1. Update 10.6.2 to 10.6.8

    Thanks BTW Where To Donate Will Be Donating As Soon As I Get The Money
  2. Update 10.6.2 to 10.6.8

    No Prob Even If Apple Lawyer Kill Me Im Getting Huge Loads Of Money Even More Than An IMac Would Cost... So Its A C2D (I Dont Know How Many C2D's I Experience Now A Days) With 2GB Ram 320 Gb HDD It Runs AHCI I Had Installed OSX But He Gave It Back And Told He Wanted Angry Birds Running It Doesnt Have BT or WIFI Is An Intel mobo
  3. Kernels For SL

    OK Guys Ill Give My Info To U Soon
  4. Update 10.6.2 to 10.6.8

    My Client Wants A Hackintosh And Wants To Update It From 10.6.2 to 10.6.8 So That He Could Play Angry Birds (idiot) So I Want A Way To Do That Thanks In Advance
  5. Kernels For SL

    I Have A C2D I need just BT and WLAN But HP Shows Just Broadcom And Bluetooth
  6. Introduce yourself.

    Hi I Am macsnowz I Came Here For Well... Someone Told Me About This Place
  7. Installing Snow Leopard

    Hey Guys Figured It Out And Some Answers rd=disk0s2 Didnt Work At Last I Found That SATA Wasnt Supported I Installed It On My IDE Which I Had Back At The Workshop After rd=disk0s2 Ends Up For 2 Hours And Gets To A Cross Above The Apple
  8. Kernels For SL

    Hey Guys My Brother Gave His dv5-1116em To Me And I Want To Install Snow Leopard By HAZARD on It But He Told Me That He Had Tried To Install It But Couldnt Find Kexts Please Find Me Some Kexts And Give Me A Way To Update From 10.6.2 to 10.6.6 or Above....
  9. Installing Snow Leopard

    Dont Have Chimera In CD
  10. OK Now I tRied A Lot Of Things So After Setup I Was Getting Still Waiting For R00T Device So The I tried -v rd=disk0s2 I Get To BSD root: disk0s2, major 14, minor 2
  11. Installing Snow Leopard

    Installing SL By Hazard Tried All Kinds Of Flags -s -x -v Using Chameleon I Tried rd=disk0s2 but didnt work After Turning To RAID OSX Setup Doesnt Find My HD After rd=disk0s2 Im Getting Spinning Wheel Under The Apple Logo It Isnt Ending But Still I Will Wait For A while
  12. Installing Snow Leopard

    Tryed In RAID Nothing Happens HELP! Tried Re Installing Many Times What To Do???
  13. Installing Snow Leopard

    Hey Guys I Am Kind Of Newbie I Am Installing Snow Leopard On C2D Gigabyte Mobo 2GB RAM 320GB HD .... Help After Booting Into Verbose After Install I Get Still Waiting For Root Device I Checked Forums They Said To Do Something In BIOS with AHCI I Found Out There Is Nothing Like Ahci In My BIOS Only IDE and RAID I Have An SATA Hard Disk What Do I Do!!