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  1. snowmen

    Front Row broken

    I have this problem for my 17" iMac Core Duo as well
  2. snowmen

    How do I transfer my account to new Mac?

    Sorry, Migration Assistant sound really fimilar to me. However, you need to hold on "T" on PC boot to get firewire boot, which you aren't able to do it at all...
  3. I purchase an iMac, and I want to transfer all my data on the previous X86 Mac to the iMac I cannot use the hold-down T for it, and I have important files such as iWeb and some other settings... Is there a way to transfer all the user stuff to the new iMac?
  4. easiest way to go is... 1. Stick with XP or 2. Change to Linux or 3. Throw ur laptop to garbage and grab yourself a MacBook Pro. and 4. Please Search... I know the search function sux on the forum, but I can see "MacVidia" post at the first page of hardware and realized: Ah! There is no freeking nVidia driver yet!
  5. It's not really the downgrade since 1. GMA950 is a bit better than 9200 2. GMA950 support CI 3. yes, it's a share memory, but when you max out, you still get 1984MB or RAM but in the previous model, you will be only getting 1536MB, you still have more... 4. it's the only best GPU in PC world that can fit into that small space. Or, are you prefering they will use GMA900?
  6. And the $100 penalty.
  7. well~ at first, I really don't like the idea of GMA's "shared memory"... The Core Solo Mac Mini cost CAD699 and I thought it was expensive until... see, if you want to build up an PC running X86, the best choice is of course GMA900/950. You will get full support of that and you don't have much choice, and the price you can expect: CPU: Pentium4 505 (CAD 140) (It's not a dual core neither, and no HT I think) Motherboard: Intel 945 (CAD165) RAM: 512 DDR2 4200 (CAD80) HD: Laptop 60G 5400 (CAD100), but with that price you can get 160G 7200 Desktop HD but a 60G 7200 that you can get now is about the CAD60~70 (Not second hand) Combo: about (CAD20) Wireless: which none work in X86PC, but if you can get one working, should cost about (CAD80) Bluetooth: about (CAD50) Case+Power: about (CAD90) and if you want a cool one, should cost you about CAD130 or more Frontrow: dunno, a Windows Remote that doesn't work on OS X should cost you about (CAD50~150), I really don't know the price though... ------------------------------------------------- CAD725 already! (whithout adding Frontrow) AND, you get fully support OS X and iLife 06! (I have both already but not in UB) Which save a lot of time because you can just download and upgrade to 10.4.5 while others have to install 10.4.3 first, and then 10.4.5 update with patches... Personally, I think it's a killing... I will go buy one for sure, in fact I just ordered one. But I don't think I'll go for iMac since I have 24" LCD and a spare 19" LCD that I don't use. But I only need to buy keyboard+mouse and I'm all set to go! AND I don't have to waste my time waiting for MacVidia.
  8. I know that currently GMA900 support 1920x1200 with QE and CI. However, I was wondering if the ATI Card are able to change to that resolution with editing the boot config? Thx p.s. I wish to know for both 10.4.3 and 10.4.4...
  9. The cheapest, most stable machine, and in fact the only one machine to run OS X with audio editing and music production is MacBook Pro. It's so far the only machine that report working on the Optical Digital Audio port.
  10. snowmen

    MacVidia [lack of]News ...

    ... no news is good news?
  11. I click on Wiki but it send me to the forum... Is Wiki closed?
  12. snowmen

    iWeb + iTunes updates

    I've update it through Software Update... so far there is no problem in iDVD/iMovie(well~ it is the same as before)/iTune/iPhoto/and Garage Band
  13. snowmen

    Apple Releases 10.4.5

    Apple probably won't even lock out Maxxuss on Leopard... since if it's hackable, some PC user can just get the Leopard in Apple Store... but they won't make it too easy so people who doesn't know computer will still have to buy Apple Hardware... so... it will be... 1st kind of ppl: buy Apple Hardware... like I do for the laptop. 2nd kind of ppl: use own hardware and upgrade every 6 months (like CPU/RAM/Graphic card), and buy Leopard and hacked it... I will do it for my desktop in the future. 3rd kind of ppl: use own hardware and download Leopard... well~ There will always be 3rd kind of ppl in the world... does it worth spending hundreds of thousands of dollar on it and just cost Maxxuss or other hacker a few extra times? well~ I won't really do that though... And if it become un-hackable... then I will use my less-power laptop to do the work... just slower, but it's ok with me...
  14. snowmen

    10.4.5 Update

    I found that update on my 10.4.3 8F1111G Software update... @_@ I guess I cannot update it
  15. Yes, in the Socket 478 world, it's the best, but all 478 CPU does not have XD... So if you can change to 775, change it