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  1. hackers or just do it

    Take a look on this http://sekhon.berkeley.edu/macosx/
  2. hackers or just do it

    Ok! I'm not a natively english one! There is the problem about this?! What's the idea is simple: You undestand exactly what I said. BTW you convince me. I already start from the begining http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/, http://developer.apple.com/documentation/, http://developer.apple.com/sdk/...
  3. I came from the linux comunity and I know very well windows (I am a windows programmer at work). Apple, with all, is one of the best what I saw. But... Usual when I discuss with the users "What's about to have an Apple system or a Linux one, all said noooooo..." Bill made a good job! Linux will be... because we are a lot... AIXGL, XGL, Beryl, Emerald..., but "OS X" I don't know... Usual arch is Intel or AMD (most buyed). For these reasons, please APPLE increase you support, for this guys which do your job for free, because soon you will lose your jobs.