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  1. You don't have to be rude. Apparently, I know more than you since I was able to get fully working sound and a trackpad with scrolling if we are going by your logic. I did read more about it, and you're advice didn't help. I'm sorry about your rudeness, but apparently forum usage isn't for you.
  2. Hi, I have an M6600 as well. I have no idea what your talking about as far as cattail, or how to edit the frame buffer. I don't use vga, so, could you tell me how you got internal and hdmi working?
  3. xplus93

    Need kexts for RealTek ALC665

    So, after you installed IOAudio.kext you had fully working sound except for the hdmi port?
  4. xplus93

    Sound, Graphics & booting

    Your hard drive is probably still GPT formatted, you have to boot the mavericks intaller and format your disk back to mbr to install windows. Also, I have the same exact issues as the Op, except I have a GT555m instead.
  5. I used a USB image based distro. I don't think it had a specific name. Anyways, look for one of those, and flash it to a thumb drive. I do know there was an issue with one of the more recent bootloaders that uses a mouse for navigation. The internal trackpad isn't recognized and the usb ports don't work. I had to push one of the function keys to get to the older chameleon bootloader and from there I could type in the boot flags. The biggest problem I have now is getting a boot loader installed. I'm about to follow this guide here and see if I can get it working. http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/02/hackintosh-boot0-error.html Edit: I hope i'm not breaking any rules since i'm not linking to anything, but the usb image I got was a .raw file in a torrent you can find with the keywords "Mavericks USB" on an extremely popular tracker. It may have been the DMG one, anyways, you have to press "1" as it boots up so you can bypass the clover bootloader.
  6. I've been able to get it to boot with these flags at boot "PCIRootUID=0 mamem=4096 GraphicsEnabler=0" I have Mavericks installed, but now i'm kinda stuck with the rest. Also you need to delete the kexts as others have said.
  7. xplus93

    M14x Sata controller issue

    I know this is old, but the ODD uses SATA I/1.5 compared to the SATA II/3.0 of the HDD. Hope this helps, just use the secondary drive for storage space and you'll be fine.
  8. xplus93

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    Very true, and that was why I was careful in how I worded my statement. I see a lot of that over on XDA, and that is where I was drawing my reference from. Over there people are more accepting of new users and such, although due to it being a much more common and well known area of interest it is expected to have more new and inexperienced users. What frustrates me about this forum is the amount of contradicting and dead end information and resources.
  9. I just got my hands on what should be a very compatible system, albeit with much lower specs, but it'll do for my personal machine. I'm wanting to trade my alienware m14x r1 for a macbook pro 15 inch or 17 inch if you really want to make that trade. I am extremely nervous about making a trade through the forum though. My specs are: Core i5 2410m 2.3 Ghz 6GB Ram 750GB 7200rpm HDD Geforce gts 555m 1.5gb 1600x900 LCD Optional bluetooth module I am looking to get something similar or better in specs to what I have right now, the hard drive capacity really isn't an issue though, just nothing under 320. Need about 100 for each OS to be comfortable. Also to sweeten the deal I can throw in my project computers. One is a 17 inch hp probook, possible motherboard issue, no ram, no hdd, no battery and no charger. the other is a dell d610 with no hd, everything else works, just needs a new battery and charger.
  10. xplus93

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    Definitely not going to tonymacx86 again, I only went there due to a guide I was trying to follow for my m14x r1. Still to this day I have no osx86 goodness on either of my computers. I will say though, this community SEEMS (not accusing, just stating my observation from my experience) to be not very tolerable or helpful to those without much experience or knowledge. I dropped off osx86 back in '08 and pretty much all i used was distributions on an hp dv9500, easy piece of cake machine, so i never had the need to learn much else. Now i'm back i'm lost and it seems no one is trying to help very much.
  11. xplus93

    Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    Can we turn off the nvidia one to save power? I only use it in windows for gaming.
  12. This has been scrapped due to the limitation in the configuration on the M14x. This method would be possible on the m15x or higher models though, however i do not have one, so i will not be able to continue this. The topic can be left for others to use. Sorry if i got anybodies hopes up, i'm just as disappointed as you.
  13. This guide will include flashing a custom bios, I take no responsibility for any damage done because of a bad flash. If you are uncomfortable flashing a Bios please do not follow this guide. There will be three parts for this guide, first will be flashing the unlocked BIos to allow single GPU operation. The other two are for configuring the Bios and intalling OS X one for using only the nVidia GPU and one for using the Intel GPU. I take no credit for the first part, credit goes to user svl7 on Techinferno, therefore I will be linking to the forum post. To flash the custom Bios, go to http://forum.techinf...os-a07-a08.html. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. (Also safety first, never flash Bios on battery, use AC power) In case Bios recovery is neccesary: http://forum.techinf...y-possible.html (follow guide in post #2, but rename file PALB064.fd) Install guides coming soon, for now this will be for those who already know what to do from here.
  14. Update2: Well i couldn't get my alienware to boot the installer, and I couldn't get the original antennas to reach the new wifi card, so i'm gonna wait till I can get a dell 1510 card and i'll work on it then. Till then my gateway will have to do. And thanks to the two people who have downloaded my DSDT already, hope your able to patch it. The issues i'm having is I can't reboot or sleep, and sometimes it just wont boot and I have to try again.
  15. (Before I get flamed or ignored: I am willing to and slightly would rather be able to do this myself, I just need A LOT of help) Right now i'm about to install Snow Leopard then Lion on my m14x. I really am overwhelmed by the complexity of patching the DSDT. As soon SL is up i will extract my DSDT and hopefully be able to upload it. I read without DSDT USB doesnt work, and i'm not entirely sure my wifi card will fit and work right. Plus I really would like to get my audio working, I read that it might have issues. So, anybody willing to patch my DSDT, or let me know if the other one will work or not. My m14x specs are (i5 2.3GHz, GT555m 1.5GB, 1600x900 LCD, ALC 665, 6GB RAM, Seagate 750GB HD 7200RPM, Broadcom native Airport made by HP (been using this ever since my first hackbook). Also, since I dont feel like starting a new thread I also was wondering if anybody would try my Gateway too. It seems like it should be a really easy edit. The specs are on this site. http://support.gatew...14314Rsp4.shtml Everythings the same except the ram and the wifi card as stated above, it doesnt need any patching to work.Gateway-DSDT.zip Update: on Gateway now, uploaded DSDT. About to install onto m14x. I plan to [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]/Retal 10.6.3/[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]/Update Helper/Combo Update/Retail Lion App 10.7.3/xMove/MutiBeast Lion (DSDT?)