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  1. AptioMemoryFix

    binary. AptioFixPlatform.zip
  2. Clover General discussion

    No problems with audio. All good.
  3. Clover General discussion

    Sherlocks ,r4000 fix used code2, working . BootLog_Firmware.zip

    Mork vom Ork, Hello. You 10.12.4 loaded with ig-platform-id 0x19120001?
  5. Clover General discussion

    polyzargone BOOTX64.efi.zip
  6. Clover General discussion

    working 10.12.3, 10.12.4. https://applelife.ru/threads/clover.42089/page-694#post-639537
  7. DarwinDumper

    DarwinDumper 3.0.2 report. Thank you! DarwinDumper_3.0.2_06.11_11.04.10_iMac15,1_AMI_X64_3905_Sierra_16C32f_rehfw.zip
  8. DarwinDumper

    DarwinDumper3.0 result. DarwinDumper_3.0.0_24.09_21.07.24_iMac15,1_AMI_X64_0000_Sierra_16B2327e_rehfw.zip
  9. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    kosakgroove did Boost= 4, can work. check Layout = 3 AppleALC.kext.zip
  10. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    kosakgroove i adjusted the pin-configuration. check Layout = 3 . can still sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/ AppleALC.kext.zip
  11. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    kosakgroove layout 3 or 4? sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/ ?
  12. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    kosakgroove layout id 4 27 node you empty. Microphone 25 and 26 node. P.S if so AppleALC.kext.zip
  13. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    kosakgroove check. Layout = 3. AppleALC.kext.zip
  14. SAPPHIRE RX460 NITRO with SIERRA beta...

    Mork vom Ork hello. There are interesting or not?
  15. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Polyzargone , yes. I have so FBati_10.12.x.txt.zip