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  1. As many of you know, main graphics engine hangs are a real plague of many Intel HD3000 Graphics laptops. I've been trying to figure how to fix it for quite a while now. Sadly I haven't found a working solution yet. So I've thought about a different approach to the whole subject. It is known, that hot plugging another display device cures that problem, but that essentially makes your laptop a non-portable device, which is not a very good solution (unless you are using your laptop only at home). So the question here is: Is it possible to trick OSX into thinking or make it think, that there is an HDMI/DVI/DP device connected to it?
  2. Out of curiosity I reinstalled Snow Leopard on my LVDS rig and interestingly I found out that I also have the ring stall issue on Snow! Now it doesn't happen very often, so I didn't notice it before, but one look in the log made it all clear. I also think that ring stall is connected with artifacts on HD3000, as every time it happens I get artifacts on my screen in SL, Lion and ML. I have no idea how to fix that for LVDS rigs. I've seen someone get results with using EDID, maybe I'll try that. EDIT: Another interesting thing: apparently on Lion HDMI connection doesn't work, when using MacBookPro8,3 smbios. With 8,1 it works fine, haven't check 8,2 yet.
  3. Hello! I've been a happy of Snow Leopard user for a while now, but after a friend convinced me I've decided to give Lion a shot. However I've encountered a rather nasty barrier. I've prepared 10.7.3 usb instalator with chameleon bootloader and simple extra folder with my DSDT, SMBios.plist (MacBook Pro 8.3), org.chameleon.boot.plist and most basic kexts FakeSMC and NullCPUPowerManagement (both in extensions folder). It all goes smoothly - usb boots and loads files with no problem, however when Lion instalator initiates I can't see a thing! My display flashes briefly blue and then goes dark (black screen but backlight still works). I searched the web for answer and stumbled upon dual link solution, which I applied to my DSDT, however no change. Can anyone help? I've attached my DSDT, SMBios and chameleon.boot - maybe there is something wrong with them (or I just messed something while adding dual link to dsdt). Thanks for help. Ravven.zip
  4. Fixing up DSDT for ASUS X73SV

    Hello, insanely maccers! I've been following osx86 scene for quite a while now and thanks to many useful info and tips here (and few other places) I've managed to install SL on my Sandy Bridge machine. : ) Right now I'm struggiling with DSDT tho. I've found it to be quite trouble some, so I've decicded to make it a two step process 1) fixing the extracted DSDT so there are no compileing errors and warnings 2) applying different Mac OS related patches to it. At the moment I'm at the step 1. I've found that some of my DSDT warrings have never been corrected before (or I just simply can't find a solution). So I'm asking you, experienced users, to help me with it. By myself, I've corrected two errors (pnp0c14 changed to PNP0C14) and few remarks (_T_* changed to T_*) I had with it and that's it. I've attached the dsdt files with those corrections applied and txt file with other warnings. To extract and compile I've used Jan 2012 iasl. Quite possibly the solution for them is simple and I've just missed it somewhere. Thanks for the help. ravven_dsdt.rar