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  1. Sorry for not responding earlier. My Notebook is a DV6-6153cl. It have the same processor as yours and the same graphics. 8Gb ram. What i did: HDD PREPARATION. (any partition tool works ie. partition magic) 1) I deleted the HP_Tools partition. 2) resized the biggest partition ( where Windows files are) from 700 to 630 gb. 3) formatted the 70gb unallocated space to fat32 ( or any other) PREPARING THE BOOTLOADER (for booting iAtkos s3) 1) Download nawcom' s ModCD. From: blog.nawcom.com 2) burn the image to CD BOOTING iAtkos s3 1) insert nawcom ModCD and restart the notebook 2) press F9 and select booting from cd 3)wait some minutes while booting. 4) when you see the nawcom ModCD menu extract the cd and insert iAtkos S3 DVD. 5) press F5 for refreshing the menu. 6) now you will see iAtkos DVD option for booting. 7) before pressing enter write this without quotes " -v cpus=1 busratio=20 " (if that doesn't work try without busratio=20) 8)that might work for booting the installer. INSTALLATION 0) select your leng and press next. 1) you have to format the 70 gb partition to hfs+. For that you have to go to utilities> disk utility. 1.1) select from the left panel the partition you created. 1.2) select erase. In format put Mac Os Extended ( journaled). In name put something like osx 1.3) press erase... 1.4) close disk utility 2) press continue and continue. 3) in the disk selection select osx (if you named it osx) 4) press costumize. COSTUMIZE i don't really remember what I used exactly. If you select something wrong probably it wont work and you will have to do all again (I had to do it 2 times but in other cases much more) This configuration might work. BOOTLOADER: select only one Chamaleon v2 RC 5 Try installing with that. When the installation finish boot again with nawcom ModCD but now select osx (or what ever you named it) with the same flags that you used before for booting iAtkos DVD ( -v cpus=1 busratio=20 ) Good luck!
  2. Try iAtkos S3 (yeah is Snow Leopard) booting with NawCom ModCD. I have a DV6 very similar to yours runing SL 10.6.7.
  3. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hola LesGar, acá esta la info de mi HP DV6 6153cl. Adjunto el DSDT y info Hardware Mi Bios es F. 14 sp55068 (Encontre un White list y un Menu unlocker de Camiloml pero no me interesa por ahora cambiar el wifi) Gracias LesGar!! PD: Los DSDT estan acá http://www.mediafire.com/?mabo4aj89846oqh Saludos! priccis-Report1.htm