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  1. Quick update... I'm stumped. I put the machine ID into the plist and placed it in the directory, but still no dice. I found a report elsewhere (http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/mac_mini_core_2_duo_swaps.html) with news of success, so I'm still hopeful. My mini differs from the success story, however, in that he has also apparently installed a firmware update to fool the mini into reporting that it's a newer (yet still Lion-unsupported) model. In any case, if anyone out there has any more ideas, there are at least 2 of us on here that are all ears.
  2. Well, I can confirm that the same problem that jgdh reported as having with 10.7.4 appears to affect 10.7.5 as well. Here's what I know so far: -My mac mini (originally a core solo machine), upgraded to a 2.33 Core2Duo, installed 10.7.0 successfully with the method detailed in this thread. -10.7.2's update worked after renaming or deleting PlatformSupport.plist -10.7.3's delta update caused no problems -10.7.4's delta update caused no problems -I was able to install Server.app from the App store to turn the mini into a server on 10.7.4 -The 10.7.5 delta update (which included server components since I had updated to Server while running 10.7.4) broke the boot sequence -Deleting/renaming the PlatformSupport.plist file has no positive effect. It appears that the boot sequence has at some point lost some dependency on the PlatformSupport.plist, even though the 10.7.5 update put it back in place. Removing that file from the equation doesn't have the same effect anymore. My next step will be to put an older version of the PlatformSupport.plist file on the machine and to have the machine ID in there to see if that helps. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else to do. Any thoughts are appreciated!
  3. That's odd... removing the file itself should take care of it... Has anyone tried 10.7.5 yet? I'll probably apply the Delta update this weekend to see if it breaks things.