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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie. I know nothing, Please help!

    Update: TransMac-ed iAtkos ML2 onto USB, when booted up again, boot manager. Start up with Disk (L2) with USB plugged, I can see the USB and it recognizes as OSX ML2, press enter Quick flash of the apple boot logo and gone... Back to boot manager (unless I do not unplug the CD for L2) Did a quick search on the internet for OSX *Bios Model* found no one with OSX installed on the same BIOS... kinda weird if you ask me 0.o I think there's one on Tony Mac using u410 with an i5 and different specs, Don't know about the bios Model though. Used system info app downloaded from OSX86.net, here are my results:Soooooo any ideas?
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie. I know nothing, Please help!

    So I load up my iAtkos L2 CD, Get to the part where it says Press F8 to go advanced or something like that. I have to personally press Fn + F8 to enter the advanced options and I've tried quite a few flags including -v. During -v flag, it stays on the same background as the iAtkos L2 background and loads up a bust of text that continues for a few pages, I presume it's the cache loading up. After that It's just a black screen. If I don't use -v, I get the apple logo but I never get the GUI, I am impatient and I have a tendency of closing it about after a few minutes of failed load. You are also supposed to see the spinner but I can't even get that to show up. At this point I hear the CD drive go completely silent. (I have an ultrabook so I have to attach an external Disk reader). Funny thing is, I also have a version of OSX86 from Hazzard, it's a bit older but That one actually shows me a kernel panic if I have one. My current one just stays quiet. I mean To be honest I don't even know if my hardware is compatible, there was one laptop that I assumed had the same Bios because they were the same model but that one got OSX on it... Aweh thanks :3 Okay Is great for me, I've accomplished something Problem with USB for me: I've copied Nireshi's onto my USB but whenever I boot up, there's nothing. It leads me up to my boot manager (which is step 3 in default bios settings, step 1 being CD drive (USB CD Drive) and step 2 being my flash drive with Nireshi's OSX on it). I've also tried spamming F8 at startup which leads me to the options of what device I want to boot into... Still redirects me to BootManager. OH EM GEE I FEEL LIKE KILLING MYSELF, I'VE BEEN INSTALLING LION 2 x.X Lol still it's kinda frustrating. Is it possible to aid me with the proper instructions of installing Chameleon 2247 boot loader? I've installed it once, no luck, same boot manager problem -.- But the iatkos Boot loader worked fine for me on my desktop, idk why it wouldn't work on my laptop... I shall look at your HP7700 Install of Maverick What's My hack? Yeah, I know those basic flags, I've even tried -s but still nothing Quick question, I've created a partition for OSX of 100 Gigs. It is NTSF But I know Mac requires something different. Last time when I installed OSX on my laptop (old one) it got rid of all windows files because I didn't create a partition... Is that same thing going to happen again this time, despite me having created a partition >.< ?
  3. I think this is the right place to introduce myself and ask a few questions. I have been working on OSX installation for a year now, I've bought a new laptop and I hope to install OSX on here like I did with my old laptop. Although now it seems really... REALLY hard >.< because I can't even get into the Installation menu. I am booting up using iAtkos L2 and I really don't know what flags to use anymore >.< I've tried using the ones I used to install OSX on my previous laptop. My old laptop had instructions on what to do in order to get the PC working functionally with iAtkos. I ended up going back to Windows 8 because there were no drivers for both Ethernet and Wifi... Although this laptop says it's more compatible there's only really one informational forum for my laptop where half the devices onboard the laptop aren't even the same. My laptop is a U410 Lenovo ideapad and I was running a VPCEB37FX Vaio pc. if anyone can please guide me through, it would be greatfull