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  1. AT&T Receipt Genuine?

    I already did. They refuse to tell me anything about the phone because the phone is not under my account. They said that if I had any questions about the warranty of the phone, I should go ask Apple.
  2. AT&T Receipt Genuine?

    Hello I'm looking to buy an iPhone 4S off Craigslist. Can someone verify that this is in fact a genuine AT&T receipt? I already checked the warranty of the iPhone. It seems strange to me that there is no date on the receipt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. iPhone 4S SIM Card AT&T

    I really don't want to spend extra money to purchase an iPad. The iPhone 4S does support 4G speeds on AT&T, though. Might need to borrow a friend's SIM to confirm that this doesn't work.
  4. Hello I currently have an iPhone 4S on AT&T. I rarely use the phone for calls anymore, as I have a work phone. I would like to cancel my contract, but I would still like to use the phone to access the internet anywhere. I plan on purchasing a tablet data plan for my iPhone. Should I buy a plan that supports 4G or 3G? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Snow Leopard on Dell Latitude E6400

    I have already tried installing all the kexts from the preboot.dmg and I still experience the same issues.
  6. I just updated my Dell Latitude E6400 (with NVIDIA Quadro graphics) to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 However, the built-in trackpad and keyboard do not work when I boot up from Chameleon (I used the latest Chameleon wizard)!! The keyboard and trackpad only work when I boot up from the XBooter CD (which was the only way for me to successfully install Snow Leopard). The battery indicator only shows up when I boot from XBooter, but does not appear when I boot up from Chameleon. The Appstore only works when I boot up from Chameleon. WiFi, Bluetooth, and the SDHC card slot do not work for both Chameleon and XBooter. I have already installed all kexts and dsdt for my model. The keyboard and trackpad stop working after an extended period of use when I boot from the XBooter CD. Also, in what position is the switch for the radio antenna to be on? To sum it up: Works for XBooter: Keyboard/Trackpad (Limited functionality) Battery Indicator (I used the Voodoo kext) Sound Doesn't work for XBooter: Appstore Works for Chameleon: Appstore Sound Doesn't work for Chameleon: Keyboard Trackpad Battery Indicator Doesn't work for both Chameleon and XBooter Wifi Bluetooth Mute Please provide feedback so I can get my Hackintosh up and running. If anyone can provide feedback on how to upgrade to Lion, that would be great. I have already tried xMove, but the installation gets stuck at the Apple logo when I boot up from the installation partition. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!