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    Hi MaLd0n, I currently have a dell XPS L702x, 3d Nvidia GT-555M 3GB, 6gb RAM, Core I7 2670. Can you help with creating a DSDT and SSDT? I can pull a DSDT From the DSDT Editor, but want a working one. Not using one at present and trying to use the likes of Virtual PC the computer freezes. This is a new area to me but very computer literate so any help is much appreciated. Regards Tony
  2. man, I would love a good DSDT for my XPS L702x but with 3D . Not using one at present, as they were making my cpu idle a little to high, she idles just below 60 now.. but running two monitors. I take it you need to be familiar with C for customising a DSDT? any hints pointers etc, ?
  3. Yeah, I did but saw others with 3d only difference is the GFX. Steves is ok but its in the legacy forum on tony's now so can't post etc.
  4. Hi mackyreddy, I have got my system pretty right now in terms of apps installed etc, so I will just copy the kexts over , I'm not sure if it matters but I am on: Dell XPS L702x I7 2670 Nvidia GT555M 3D Using your smbios my computers loads at pants graphics, I haven't had chance to compare the two but I think its because you do not use graphics enabler. Thanks
  5. Hey guys.. Ok I've just reinstalled on my M4 SSD 256GB. Now I have narrowed down my USB Headset issue... it's down to the DSDT disabling my usb headset works but.. my laptop fails. Anyway to get my usb headset working? Also, USB3 my 2 usb3 ports do not like my mac keyboard of headset the keyboard just locks up with the capslock stuck on but doesn't type obviously.. Last but not least... Speed stepping been reading a lot on this, how can I tell if it is enabled? with hwmonitor my cpu ratio and speed is jumping up and down so appears it is enabled, however, from what I have read I need to customise a .kext file although I haven't done this. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I have managed to get mac installed and working pretty well on my Dell XPS l702x with 3D screen, no brightness i am afraid . Anyhow, initially my usb headset worked a treat. However, installed the kexts from here osx no longer pics up my headset. A pain! although my sound does work through the speakers.. Any way around this? using A.17. Furthermore, what is: AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext Used for? as leaving it installed was the only way for me to get full high res graphics, obviously the name states Graphics, but you said it was a very important part to remove it. Thanks! Then I just need to get my card reader working