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  1. blank0n1

    Atheros AR5B95 Problem

    Gengik, thanks for your tutorial now my wifi is working like a charm. just place toledaarpt.kext in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other #currently i'm in sierra 12.1
  2. blank0n1

    HD4000 Login Screen BUG

    didn't work for me. i can login to osx after i did that
  3. blank0n1

    HD4000 Login Screen BUG

    hi all, i use hd 4000 in yosemite but i only get 4 mb for HD4000. is there any solution?
  4. wow that's great, can you make Apple HDA.kext works in this Laptop? mine is using VoodoHDA and only internal speaker work my DSDT, extension now in here
  5. I tried to patch DSDT but it it was not solve my problem with battery menu+DTSD. I consider use my hackintosh without DSDT
  6. thanks for reply, I'll try that first
  7. Hello, yesterday i Installed Mountain Lion 10.8.3 in my Thinkpad Edge 330-BTA (core i5 ivy bridge, 6 GB RAM, Intel HD 4000) Everything works smoothly except: - Wifi doesn't work, so I buy usb wifi dongle ---> Edimax 7811un and it perfectly works - Sound must use VoodoHDA.kext and it's only worked in internal speaker, line out doesn't work - Fan always in high performance so it makes the temperature always stays in 500 C (is it normal because in win 8 temp always stay in 450 C - My notebook doesn't use DSDT because if I use DSDT.aml my battery menu doesn't want to appear in status bar. I ended up with patching my DSDT because of it. Can someone solve my problem? Here is my DSDT.aml and my SSDT.aml link DSDTandSSDTEdge330.zip