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  1. BALDY_MAN If I had known a signature was required to get some assistance, I would have made one to begin with. As for the rest of your smart a$$ comments, Of course I have used Google to no extent. I have also made a USB install drive. I know my motherboard specs, or I wouldn't have posted in this particular forum(duh) There is nothing to help on YouTube. I am looking for specific instructions for the BIOS settings. No matter what settings I use, I can only get to the apple logo screen and then nothing. I have even tried to do this in a VM. I posted my specs hoping someone would be able to help. If it helps to get a knowledgeable respected answer, I will post my question next time with a signature. As for your answer, it's not even valid as you don't even have the motherboard in question. But thanks for your time in reading my question. Now, Good Day Sir! I SAID GOOD DAY!
  2. Can anyone post a guide for a newbie as to how to install this, with bios settings? I am using a Windows machine to create the disc, with Transmac. I have a Gigabyte ga-z87-d3hp, 8GB, Ati Radeon HD 5700 video card, and a regular hard drive.
  3. I am a newbie, trying my best to get this working. I have a gigabyte z87-d3hp motherboard 8gb ram, intel i5 ,on board video (or I can use a radeon 5770) I cannot find what settings to change in the bios, I find conflicting information. Please please please someone help. I have searched and searched. I have my myhack disk or tony***c disk but they only boot to a black screen with a flashing text bar"_" What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance for hekp, I sure need it