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  1. 802.11n cards with native OS X drivers

    I am having a problem with this card. I can get it to work with said drivers using a retail 10.5.4 build, however, when I install the updates I can no longer get my wireless to work. When I start the Ralink app I get "No Device..." in the status area. The app also does not start at boot anymore (always would when it worked)
  2. Post YOUR instructions....

    I have everything working CI and QE. I did a search but I still have no idea what "Mirror" means. -Nate
  3. Share files between OSX and XP?

    Thanks for the help. I'm kind of surprised I didn't see that myself.
  4. Share files between OSX and XP?

    Quick question. I've searched the forums but I couldn't really find anything. All of my songs are on my windows partition. I can access them but before I can play them itunes copies them to my OSX partition which has a limited amount of space. Is there anyway I can add all the songs to my library without copying them to the OSX partition. I tried copying the library file from windows to osx but that doesn't do anything. -Nate