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  1. For a limited period (8.31-9.3 only 4 days), Eat&Health can be gotten in App Store for only $0.99, original $2.99! It is an iPhone app with beneficial food recommendations and nutrition guide for 7907 foods. I found this app is very helpful. And hopefully, this app will improve our lifestyles and eating habits. Here is the link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eat-health/id549426450?mt=8
  2. skyrim

    Airport Problem

    Since all connections are good, you could just ignore that prompt message and use it.
  3. skyrim

    Diablo III

    I will play it under windows 7.
  4. I just noticed a giveaway here and free to get CleanGenius Pro. They said 1000 copies would be given freely. I just picked one, not bad. I am not sure how many copies still remain. Since it is not closed yet, I think they still have some. In case you were wondering, it is some kind of disk clean tool. But I think the uninstall application function in it is more useful.
  5. This error code is unknown to me, but thanks for the link.
  6. skyrim

    mac os x86 for Dell Dimension 1100?

    Good. I will try Leopard as well. i have a good feeling about this.
  7. My PC hardware is enough for this. Can I try it in the VMware machine or must be on the physical computer? I am no experience on Mac. After google the internet, I found Mac is totally new to me, such as the tips in this article Tips to Keep Mac at Peak Performance, it seems to be more complicated than Windows?,but also fun. Anyway I want get Mac a try, and will be really glad if it can be installed and run in the VMware machine. Can I? If so, what version of VMware workstation is needed?
  8. skyrim

    The bald, cheap woman

    she really want to be cheated.
  9. skyrim

    What are you listening?

    this is very cool.