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    GT330M + ML 10.8.3

    Thanks Rampage Dev but QUADRO & GEFORCE MAC OS X DRIVER RELEASE 304.00.05 is not for GT300m right?
  2. jkzcb

    GT330M + ML 10.8.3

    Unfortunately the same symptoms as with GraphicsEnabler or any other injector. NVEnabler Unknow Device, NVEnabler probe fails. Is the problem may be that the Video card bios is probably in the main computer bios? I can not read graphics card BIOS
  3. jkzcb

    GT330M + ML 10.8.3

    I have a problem, Notebook Toshiba A660-11M Satellite A660-11M - Toshiba MountainLion retial 10.8.2 updatet to 10.8.3 + New Nvidia CUDA Driver (cudadriver-5.0.45) Graphics GT330M 1024MB DDR3 (0x0a2910de) I7 720QM CPU The system starts properly once every 5-10 With GraphicsEnabler = Yes hangs on apple. With GraphicsEnabler = No I have a Black screen (suspended, not responding) When the system start properly, I have QE CI, full resolution. When I delete Geforce.kext, NVDANV50Hal.kext, NVDAResman.kext, of course, the system starts every time but without QE CI and 1024x768 Adding ID to the info.plist does not change anything. Kext from DP1 - DP4 does not change anything. Graphics card inserted into dsdt does not change anything. (I hope I did it right) The system gets up when he wants to. As already start it works perfectly. I should add that with 10.7.2 this issue does not exist. Every time boots correctly with QE CI. Do not crash. Thank you for any suggestions. Sorry for my Englisch.