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  1. DSDT patching queries, screen resolution+sleep prob, others

    hey macro-s, thx for the quick reply...... but i'd like to know how this will be different from DSDT Patcher GUI......... we only hav the same gfx card; and i said my card is one things that works correctly........ plus regarding the "shrunk" thing, i think i can live with that. but any effort for helping better it is always appreciated........ one things thats been bugging me is the sleep........ i just made a very good discovery yesterday........ sleep works if os x puts pc to sleep by itself after being idle for the set mins (its called autosleep right???)....... but if i select sleep from menu or chameleon settings or somewhere, that sleep does not work...... does it ring a bell???
  2. hello i used NVenabler in my previous lion installation to get my native screen resolution (1920x1080). then i made a re-install and wanted to use DSDT patching instead to make my card work completely..... i used DSDT Patcher GUI. is it ok to use this software??? will it give me the correct DSDT?? and my mobo's dsdt is not in the database..... then i formatted that install and re-installed lion in the same drive and my DSDT fixes are now applied in my new installation too.... is this supposed to happen??? and how can i know whether my dsdt is 100% sucessful given that DSDT Patcher GUI reported "0 warnings, 0 errors, 0 remarks" and it also said the patch was successful..... also is it ok to replace my dsdt with an newly generated one?? i did that and i was not able to login at all..... how about replacing my DSDT.aml file with that of a similar model.... is it wise??? As for my gfx card (GeForce 210 1GB DDR3), it is now listed correctly in "About This Mac" and gives the correct resolution in display. however i feel the display had "shrunk" a little when compared to same res. in NVEnabler.... somehow to text in top menu and the dock seem to have shortened in width...... i dont know how to explain this better..... i tried EFI string injection for my card and it dint come out well..... plus when i put os x to sleep it does not wake up. before patching DSDT sleep worked correctly.... (even now sleep works if i boot with rBoot but i dont get DSDT functionality...) and if i check the "Restart automatically on system failure" option my oc restarts...... chimera themes do not work anymore ....... i get only the CUI screen........ (chameleon does not boot my installation, will have to use chimera.... and i have meddled with the options)....... sound works perfect but my mic does not work with voodoohda v0.2.1 (i checked the alc887/888b, alc8xxx and voodoohda options)....... with voodoohda version v0.2.2 mic works (but front headphone socket doesnt...) but again mic does not work with speech recognition software..... And how to make the restore button in time machine clickable??? i am not able to click it....... Chameleon/Chimera/rBoot boot screen (whether CUI or GUI) always opens in "1280x1024" resolution which is my on-board card's max resolution....... is there a way to make it appear in "1920x1080"???? i followed one of the guides in the internet named "Unstrech you chameleon bootscreen" which dint work......... An additional query..... when i use rBoot to boot in i get to use win key for command key and alt for option key (which is what i need....) but thru chimera those two get swapped........ i DONT want to change them in keyboard prefs...... is there a way make it that way by default???? i know its a bundle of probs but i am keen on getting my OSx86 working completely.... my specs: Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz ASUS P7H55-M LX nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 4GB Ram
  3. DSDT Request

    See attachment......... dsdt basically enables/betters compatibility with hardware by improving interaction with bios....... but wat it'll do to ur pc in particular is for u to find out.......... tell me whether it worked....... DSDTPatcherGUI_1.0.zip
  4. i installed iatkos l2 on my pc. after successful install i fixed mbr using win 7 dvd then used easybcd to add os x to windows mbr. now am not able to boot into the installation. chameleon loads and after a few seconds flashes a white apple screen then restarts. in verbose mode it outputs a lot of "Loading HFS+ file" messages then restarts. i tried reinstalling many times and also inderting commands like: cpus=1 busratio=20 -v -f -x PCIRootID=0 ive also tried installing in ahci then in ide nothing works. important thing to note is ive installed it in a logical partition and am booting from win 7 bootloader. i hav win 7 in my primary partition which i dont want to disturb. i tried booting from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] boot123 etc and they dont work too. some please help me correct this my specs: ASUS P7H55-M LX nVidia GeForce 210 DDR3 Intel Core i5 Processor 4GB RAM pls help out!!