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  1. Are all HP Mini 1000s the same?

    Are all HP Mini 1000s on the market the same? Or are there differences? There's a Mini 1000 on eBay with the following details: Brand HP Model Mini 210-1000 CTO PC MPN VV074AV I'm just wondering if it's the type of Mini 1000 that'll run OSX. Is there any documentation about this anywhere? Bests _-(p0q)-_
  2. Introduce yourself.

    Hi Computing is my hobby. I work in the arts sector, it's a bit boring really.... but I'm supposed to be going to a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border this year to teach the kids there how to compute. It'd be nice to be able to show them 3 major operating systems on one computer, so I'm aiming to make a multi-boot OSX/DSL/W7. Just have one question before I do some hardware acquisition.... Thanks to the forum's sys-op for setting this all up... seems like a really well designed forum. Bests _-(p0q)-_