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  1. Hi, I'm having a few issues with my USB on booting up Lion 10.7.3. Sometimes it boots fine and others the mouse and keyboard loose power at the apple screen. I'm hoping that someone has a suggestion for me, as it takes ages to boot the machine (with constantly having to hold the power button in to try and boot successfully).
  2. Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    must admit, program is immense but the terminal window is a pain.
  3. No Optical drive

    ok, thank you i'll see what i can find I reinstalled drivers and i'm now able to see the drive , thank you
  4. No Optical drive

    The sata controller is ICH10 according to the spec sheet for the PC, let me find some drivers and see how we go
  5. No Optical drive

    Hi, I've managed to install Lion 10.7.1 after a few hiccups and with the help and advice of a few users on here, Everything is working perfectly except for the fact i cannot see my dvd drive that i used to install Lion. I'm not sure how i can resolve this, so I'm back for some more advice. Any would be appreciated Sorry the PC that it's installed on is a HP DC7900
  6. DC7900 - Won't boot without DVD in

    Now get an error which says that i need to restart the PC, Any help would be gratefully appreciated. To recap I have Lion installed but cannot boot to the os unless the installation dvd is in the drive. Could anyone give me any tips Any advice would be greatfully received
  7. Hi, I have installed Lion onto a HP dc7900 but for some reason it will not boot without the dvd in. Any chance someone could give me a few pointers. Thanks in advance I think [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] will do what i need, just gonna give it a ago
  8. thank you that's what i was trying to get at . I'll give that a bat, thank you Gringo and Pooky for all the advice so far. EDIT: I've just been given a Lion disk which went straight on, very strange
  9. Is there a way that i can tell which HDD number it assigns for the flashdrive Also can i run the following cmd DSDT=hd(1,0)/dsdt.aml mach_kernel ?
  10. No thats what i was trying to rsolve with the modded DSDT Ah i see so you must be able to get to the partition first, but as i can't even get to where it allows me to partition the disk I'm screwed. I was barking completely up the wrong tree thanks you for the info
  11. I got an error with Attesor and it wouldn't open any of the dsdt editors. Anyway just out of interest how are the modified DSDT files loaded. Are they loaded from the extra folder when the modcd is ran?
  12. looks like it's not gonna happen for me, I've installed DSDTSE and it is not supported by my arcitecture. Thank you anyway
  13. Thank you for your reply, I have my own dump but cannot open it om my own mac as it's only 10.5.8 which does not support Java 1.6 that the patcher needs
  14. PookyMacMan I have a modded dsdt file for Lion can this be used?