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  1. This is the business. i7-5820k on 10.11.6 and I've just bumped my geekbench from 18771 to 24992. Single core is around the same. Even beats my Win10 score of 23187 Obviously massive credit to Pike, as well as sammlerg and the folks here
  2. Can you link to the pike post where he shows these replacements? All I can find on his blog is the post for Sierra which quotes different locations. How did you get the locations for 10.11.6?
  3. Has anyone worked this out for 10.11? Or are you all on 10.12?
  4. This is based on this post right: https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/xcpm-for-unsupported-processor/ I could do with some more detailed help on how to enact these patches in Clover. I can see Stinga is pretty active in the comments in the blog post. Hopefully he can help with some simpler instructions for those of us that are not savvy enough to interpret Piker's blog post ourselves
  5. Just booted into windows and the geekbench scores are consistent with Balamut's method for Single core, but I'm getting about 23k in Windows for Multicore. So about 5k difference :-(
  6. Using Stinga's method I'm getting a Geekbench score of 3635 / 18137. Using Balamut's method I'm getting 4173 / 18771 5820k OC'd to 4.0 Ghz
  7. dashbad

    GTX980 stuttering on 10.11.3

    I'm using the Nvidia web driver with an Asus Strix 980 on my Asus X99-M WS 5820k rig. If I preview the Arabesque screensaver I get a lot of stuttering, perhaps once every second. There is clearly an issue with how the GPU is operating. Is this a known/familiar issue? Is there anyway to optimize? I am using SMBIOS Mac Pro 6,1.
  8. has anyone successfully got this working fully on a MATX board and can recommend?
  9. Sure - it might not be identified but its still listed there as 'unknown'. With these USB 3 drivers it isn't detecting a super hi speed bus at all. Perhaps someone with more kext knowhow than me can take a look
  10. I tried this. No joy. Kext loads fine with no errors but USB 3 hardware not recognized. I tried adding IDs to PCIPrimaryMatch and changing it to PCIMatch. Doesn't work.