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  1. DanteDrac

    SnowLeo and crossfire

  2. Alrighty guys I have tried everything I know to get OSX installed on this laptop. Please help! I have downloaded many different prebuilt iso, iATKOS_v7, iPC X-DL OSX86 10.5.6 LiveDVD, leo4allv3. None of these work. I have also tried to follow the USB method here for Snow Leopard installing-snow-leopard-for-osx86. Nothing works. Basically it will show the initial darwin screen but when you hit enter to load into the osx installer is go black and then reboots. I have tried all the boot flags there are, -v -s -x etc......to no avail. This laptop is brand new and uses a core i7 Q720. The motherboard chipset is a PM55. GPU = ATI 4830 1gb gddr3. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  3. DanteDrac

    Alienware m17x

    Any luck getting OSX installed on the M17x. I have the exact same laptop and was wonder if you had any luck?
  4. DanteDrac

    Which Cleaner for Heatsink?

    Denatured Alcohol is the best to use. Anything about 70%. Anything like paint thinner or nail polish remover will fry your cpu due to the particles added to add scent, etc.
  5. DanteDrac

    compal HEL80 asus s96j notebook/laptop

    Have you gotten your hel-80 working yet man? I have everything on mine running expect for the 5006 wireless sadly. Did yours come with a different wireless card that works?
  6. DanteDrac

    NForce 4 Partial Support - PPF for JaS iso

    Anyone had any luck with this? My Install just keeps crashing with errors.
  7. DanteDrac

    Jerky Video Playback & PCMCIA Power shut off

    I had the same problems with my external USB drives. I fixed this by going in my bios and disabling legacy USB support. (It forced OSX to use USB2.0 in essence)
  8. DanteDrac

    OrangeWare for Atheros AR5001x+

    You need to download StuffIt to extract the files and then install them like normal. I tried the drivers and when I go to start them it tells me that it can not run on this computer.
  9. DanteDrac

    Working 10.4.9 update method for Intel SSE3

    @OP Thanks man, I followed your guide and I am now running 10.4.9. I upgraded from Jas 10.4.8. Peace.
  10. I have the exact same cardbus ENE 712/714/810. I will give your extensions a shot.
  11. DanteDrac

    Monitor your temperature under OSX

    The program is able to see both of my cores and give me a temperature for both. 29c 30c Laptop Compal Hel-80 w/ CoreDuo 2600