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  1. Okay got it, it's a MBR. Is that good or bad?
  2. Sorry im new to all of this... What is MBR? and btw i tried all kexts and it doesn't find any Ethernet Cards...
  3. I don't have any EFI partition... What should i do? Cause when i install the kext's to S/L/E and reboots, After that i try to open the network properties and it stucks...
  4. It gives me Permision Denied. Fix?
  5. None of them worked in /S/L/E... Where do i create the "/Extra/Extensions" folder? And do i have to copy all kexts from S/L/E to it?
  6. Thanks testing right now.. Reporting later I dont have the "/Extra/Extensions" Folder, can i place it in SLE? My comp dosen't boot after adding IONetworkingFamlily.kext and BCM5722D.kext (( Help OOPS nvm it booted by default to my flashdrive soz xD
  7. Xuraz

    iATKOS L2 can't boot

    I've got the same problem with my Dell Precision M65... Specs: Intel Core Duo (x86) 2GB RAM DDR2 80GB HardDrive NVIDIA Quadro FX 350M Sigmatel 9200 Audio EDIT: I booted with -F and i came to White Apple screen but no spinning thingy... Guess its progress?
  8. Okay thanks i'll try that when i come home from school
  9. I got a old Compaq Presario 8860SE Installed sucessfully but when i boot it up it comes to the spinning Apple screen and restarts... Intel Pentium 4 2gb RAM 250gb Maxtor Hdd
  10. Sorry for late response... Its a wired card. I dont know the device id, how do i find the device id?
  11. Hi i got some problems with my Network using iAtkos S3 1.6.3.... I have the Broadcom 57xx card and i tried BCM5722D.kext and installed it with Kext Wizard but after the reboot nothing happens... Its normal with no network connection. Please help me Update: I got the Broadcom BCM5752 to be more specific.