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  1. rushclub

    Lenovo B570

    the symbios.plist is in the first post. download it. restart your laptop from the iatkos drive and when the installer starts, open terminal and copy the file to the right folder. it is described in this thread how to do that. rushclub
  2. rushclub

    Lenovo B570

    managed to get nearly everything to work including wifi. but after a time i lost the wifi connection after the leno was at sleep. tried to reconnect but get a timeout. reboot. nothing changes. timeout again. anyone has an idea? havin an AtherosAR9285. rushclub
  3. rushclub

    Lenovo B570

    or have i to install chameleon to the usb stick before the installation? thought it would be part of iatkos. rushclub
  4. rushclub

    Lenovo B570

    hi there, havin a problem, booting the lenovo from my generated usb stick with iatkos. what i have done so far: - formatted the stick journaled with mbr style - recovered iATKS_L2 to the newly formatted stick - put symbios.plist in Extras - put AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext in System/Library/Extensions - put the stick in my lenovo and boot with F12 - there are two option: Windows (preinstalled windows 7 OEM on my lenovo. ist that the problem?) and chameleon. - select cameleon. - a black screen for a few seconds ending in "windows-start-manager" telling me, there is a problem with booting windows. - when i now select windows it boots up properly. what am i missing? anyone has an idea on this topic? rushclub
  5. hallo zusammen, habe mir ein lenovo b570 zugelegt und habe versucht nach dieser anleitung: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=269586&hl=b570&st=0 lion zu installieren. das habe ich bisher gemacht: festplattendienstprogramm -> 1 partition -> journaled -> mbr -> wiederherstellen -> iatkos_l2 draufgezogen -> symbios.plist in extras -> AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext in s/l/e -> usbstick in das laptop -> beim start f12 gedrückt -> chameleon ausgewählt und da bleibe ich dann hängen. und zwar lande ich dann im windows-start-manager der mir mitteilt, dass ein fehler beim start von windows aufgetreten ist. kann mir jemand sagen, was ich falsch mache? liegt es vielleicht an der windows 7 oem die bereits auf dem latop installiert ist? bin gerade ein wenig ratlos ;( rushclub
  6. rushclub

    Lenovo B570

    am i right that the procedure with iATKOS L2 is nearly the same as with L1? the advantage over L1 is, that it has a new chameleon onbaord, so that i can install with Graphic Enabler directly. is that right? and by the way - thanks for that great tutorial. rushclub