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  1. Hey Pepe, Thanks, I was thinking the same thing as your first suggestion. (my roomate has a PC but it doesn't have enough Ram and has that damned Vista on it (not compatable with Pro Tools) but maybe I could get my hands on a PC and do as you said... One question with that, though...do you know if that DV Toolkit k for PC works? As far as your second suggestion...I have Virtual PC, but Pro Tools can't run in that environment. There is also a third option but I'm not sure about it...I can open an OMF with Logic (I have been using Pro Tools for over a decade and have never touched Logic, but I think I have a copy)....SO I'd have to take a crash course in Logic and then open the OMF there...but from that point I don't know what to do. Is there a format that you can save a logic session in that can be opened in Pro-Tools? (One thing I do not want to do is open an OMF session of a feature length movie, do a rough mix, and then bounce down 10 90 minute waves...I definitely do not have that kind of time) Let me know what you think. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hey Pepe- thanks ...I know ...I saw the PC crack floating around but that doesn't help in my case... I only have a PPC mac and no intel and no hackintosh any other suggestions?
  3. almost a year later...still no answer... almost same position OS 10.4.10 Pro Tools 7.0 LE How the hell can I open an OMF with Pro-Tools? (I know every other major DAW gives you this ability for free) Please someone help.
  4. I have Mac OS 10.4.8 on a PPC... I have Pro Tools 6.9.2 LE ... update: OS10.4.10 Pro Tools 7 LE I Do Not Have DigiTranslator or DV Toolkit I need the ability to import OMF into my protools sessions as well as some of the other features offered as I am going to be working a lot with sound design, mixing for independent film. I don't know if I'm looking for a k. Not sure which I would need. I have the demo that came with Pro-Tools when I bought it (which expired a year ago). Can probably find the OM disc and re-install (if that would help) I found this thread: http://lovemac.org/2005/11/29/question-res...the-dv-toolkit/which let me know that there was a way, but it's very old and the links are dead. Also there is a serial for DV Toolkit in SerialBox but I'm assuming it's for DV Toolkit 2 (Although it doesn't specify) If I even try to enter a serial in my demo it says it needs an ilok to be in my computer. (which I don't have - but do use the ilok reset for some other plugs) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. gloria

    My OS just downgraded itself...

    noooo...that would suck...
  6. :excl: :please: :excl: I can't believe this...who the hell downgraded my OS...what the hell hapenned? My OS has been 10.4.8 for as long as I can remember (about a year I think) Now it is 10.4.2 what the hell hapenned? what do I do? this is the strangest thing I've ever seen. I downloaded the combo update from apple, but should I install it? why did this happen in the first place.... (PS- I do not have a hackintosh) PLEASE, help me... -gloria
  7. gloria

    Do girls like Mac users ?

    YEAHHH PISMO!...they are so strong, so smart AND soooo sexy!
  8. Important: DO NOT POST ANY SERIALS/CRACKS or anything else illegal here. That is NOT what I am asking for. I'm asking for advice on instalation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need Photoshop & Illustrator installed on my PPC G5 by tonight! Please help me. I don't care if it's Design Premium, Production Premium, etc...CS3 is something I really need, now. (why I put off getting it til now is a long story) I have this one but didn't install it yet. "Adobe Design Suite Premium CS3 Final ®" Not sure if I should install...Is anyone farmiliar with that one? Here are some facts: 1. I have never downloaded any of the beta / pre-release versions. 2. My OS is 10.4.8 (I can't upgrade - long story) 3. I meet the requirements of most version of CS3 except Master Collection (wants 10.4.9) 4. I have Little Snitch to prevent phoning home 5. The only Adobe products on the Mac are Photoshop 7, Image Ready 7, and Acrobat Reader 6. I succesfuly installed Master Collection on a Vista laptop (so I'm not a complete noob) I just see so many conflicting comments/suggestions/success rates in the forums (here and elsewhere) I'm not sure what to do and don't want to mess up. Some questions: 1. Which version should I use? 2. Do I need keygens/serials both? - (DO NOT POST THEM HERE!) just asking IF I need them (the answer is yes or no only) 3. Am I going to need to activate?...If so how? 4. Based on what I have - do I need to use that clean uninstall thing from Adobe? PLEASE HELP!!! If you have had any sucess , please PM me...
  9. gloria

    Do girls like Mac users ?

    woah..a lot changed in this thread since I last saw it...(I actually can see both sides of the 'argument' - think it's more of a misunderstanding - but I hope in this day and age there aren't many people who are really still homophobic) In the words of Snoop Dogg, "back to the topic at hand..." I'm a girl and ...YES...i like Mac users.
  10. gloria

    Little Snitch for Windows...

    Thank you all for your help...good to know there are several choices... looks like I won't be used as market research without my knowledge, now...
  11. gloria

    Imac or Mac Pro

    Cool- great choice. Recording is fine with a gig but once you start mixing and have processor intensive plug in upon processor intensive plug in ...you will be happy you ordered that extra RAM. (Plus you mentioned FCP earlier so...) Anyways, goo choice and congrats on your new baby!
  12. gloria

    Imac or Mac Pro

    Honestly, if you want to be running Pro-Tools, FCP and all this intensive multimedia apps..and you have a little money... why not just get a tower? Talk about upgradable - forget about it. I would get a MacPro and install at least 3B of ram just to start with (and many more should you ever need them). REALLY look into this decision. The iMac is so damn beautiful it's tempting...and it' a little more flashy but not as powerful or forward thinking. (the ram limitations are gonna kill you one day) If you need to skimp the budget a bit, go for a refurb. or used, dual core G5 PPC ...still better for your needs than any non-tower. I promise. (also save on the display and get a non-apple one)
  13. I've always been loyal to LaCie...because they've always been very reliable to me...never let me down..However today (for several reasons -mainly urgency and proximatey to my house) I bought my first Seagate.I never heard anything terrible about them and it was a good deal. that's strange that they didn't test LaCie. Are LaCies known primarily as a Mac HD...is that why?
  14. gloria

    Most addictive Mac games

    SNOOD used to waste way to much of my time...Paid for the full version and it almost turned me into a bum... but I kicked that habbit years ago.
  15. Please Help I Need a way to run VST instruments and effects through RATS using Pro-Tools 6.9.2 (or earlier) I'm using a PPC dual core G5 with a ton of ram. I've seen several solutions (here and elsewhere) but they always seem to be either only for PC or only for Pro-Tools 7 and up. I know this question is specific but any help would be greatly appreciated. Please note: I do not want to upgrade my Pro-Tools to 7. I have too many wonderful sounds and plug-ins working perfectly make that switch. 6.9.2 has been working wonderfly and I do not want to rock the boat. THANK YOU!