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  1. doesn't work... but the universal sound drivers given by tonymac work so that's no problem anymore. But there is another thing: I don't need the dsdt.aml for the hd graphics, the screen is just fine; but when I use it (I've got the normal HD screen) my screen is divided in 4 parts! (They act the same somehow) After a time I've recognized that the screen has got some "graphic bugs" without the dsdt.aml. It looks a bit like in a cinema where are those stripes in the back but they keep in the screen. Most of the time they stick around a program like little squares in the colours: pink or neon green. And like I already mentioned the XPS is damn slow after the update... by example: I click on safari > the icon jumps > sticks in the air > I wait for like 10 seconds (sometimes) > the icon gets to the floor > the program opens. EDIT: The VooDoo Audio Drivers are absolutely great, even the HDMI sound works ... fantastic EDIT 2: Finally the sound is working perfectly, what I did was installing the VooDoo Audio Drivers, then theones given by AKennedy_4 and then the info.plist optimizing thing. Maybe you can add this to your tutorial.
  2. thank you for your answer bastisk8, but I can't even see an audio interface in the system preferences, they're just not given.
  3. Thank you very much for this guide AKennedy_4, I still got a question: How do you get the sound working?! I tried every kext and the thing with the "plist" but no sound . My System: Dell XPS 15 L502x Intel i7-2670qm 750GB HDD 8GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce GT 540m Maybe you can guess why my xps is very slow after the combo update .... did this happen with your ones too?