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  1. Unable to boot without safe-mode

    Thanks. I can't believe I've missed that link! It does have my motherboard on the DMG file, as you can see in the picture: I'm not sure which one to choose, NVIDIA or AMD, as I'm using the intergrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics)? Additionally, could you explain how to include this dsdt (SSDT in this case) file when I boot so I can test it with Clover? Thanks! EDIT: Ok, read on Google and you have to put the edited DSDT (which is SSDT in my case) file inside the EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched\ folder. However, still no luck. So either it's not loading my SSDT file, either ithe SSDT file is wrong or I've placed it in the wrong directory.
  2. Unable to boot without safe-mode

    Is there a way to patch it myself through Windows? EDIT: After reading online, I've came to a conclusion Asus motherboard that use UEFI don't even need DSDT. They do however, solve any hardware compatability issues that may occur. I haven't experienced any. The only issue I'm experiecing is the ACPI unable to find driver paltform issue, but strangely, it only happens when I use Clover bootloader for anything (installer or OS X boot). However, when I use the USB installer to boot (with safe mode) it works. How would you explain that? I sthere something I'm doing wrong with Clover? I've read more and it turns out to boot succesfuly you only need a patched UEFI BIOS file, which can be downloaded from the BIOS web page and simply pathc it using OS X. Since I don't have OS X, would you mind patching one for me?
  3. ASUS H97M-E with ACPI

    Hello everyone. I'm unable to boot with Clover as I'm getting a Kernel Panic saying "Unable to find driver for this platform: ACPI". I've been told by a forum member to extract my DSDT and patch ACPI with it and then used the patched DSDT. Unfortunately, as I'm a newbie, and I'm on Windows (can't boot into OS X because of the issue) I can't patch it. Would someone be able to do it for me & perhaps apply the ACPI patch as well? Best regards. Click here to download extracted DSDT. Specifications: Asus H97M-E - Motherboard. Intel Core i5-4590 - CPU. 4GB - RAM.
  4. Unable to boot without safe-mode

    Unfortunately I don't have access to my brother's computer now. So I'm stuck on Windows. I used AID64 to extract my DSDT but I'm not sure on how (or even if it's possible through Windows) to patch the ACPI problem. I believe the required tools can be ran from OS X only. And yes, I opened a thread of request in the Patches forum of the DSDT section to request someone to do it for me perhaps. Here's my extracted DSDT if you're willing to, I'll be grateful. https://hostr.co/B5P7Rhz8iFjf
  5. Unable to boot without safe-mode

    I would do it, but unfortunately I can't boot at all to my OS X. I could before, using the installation flash drive and safe mode, but since I formatted the installation flash drive in order to install the vanilla OS X, I can't boot at all. So, in order to re-do the vanilla OS X installation process, I need to boot into my current OS X in safe mode using SOME boot loader, right? I tried using Clover, but I'm getting the ACPI error. Is there another solution to boot into it, using safe mode, if I'm currently using Windows?
  6. Unable to boot without safe-mode

    I followed the vanilla build after all, pratorious. Unfortunately, when using Clover & booting into either my current OS X or my OS X vanilla installation nothing happens. When looking at the Extra folder of the OS X vanilla installation in Windows using Transmac, there doesn't seem to be a "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" file. Can I download one online or is there a solution? Note that I can't boot into OS X, because I can't use Clover. So I'm stuck in Windows now. EDIT: Using Transmac I copied the chameleon boot file to the OS X vanila installation's Extra folder. Still, when booting to the OS X vanilla installation flash drive from the BIOS it returns straight to the BIOS. What else can I do? I did install Clover on a second USB flash drive, but I always get "Unable to find driver for this platform: ACPI" when ever I boot into any OS X (even with safe mode).
  7. Post-installation boot error

    No. My soundcard is on motherboard.
  8. Post-installation boot error

    Oh. Well, switched the input to my video card which is ATI Radeon HD 4770, and the same issue occurs. Are there any kexts that are causing this issue? Anything else I have to do?
  9. Post-installation boot error

    dart=0 is enabled by default by Niresh's distro.
  10. Post-installation boot error

    Hey artur. Thank you for the quick answers. I'm almost absolutely sure as you that this is indeed a graphics problem. I'm connected to my motherboard's built-in graphic cards. I removed any other kexts other than AppleHD and IntelHD graphic kexts, but still can't boot without safe mode. Is there another solution perhaps? Maybe should I connect my PCI video card which is HD - 4770?
  11. Using Niresh's Mavericks distro. Hardware: Motherboard: Asus H97 M-E. Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 (using IGPEnabler). Processor: Intel Core i5 4590. 4GB of RAM. I can boot in Safe-Mode.
  12. Can't boot without safe mode

    Hi artur. Maybe there is a clean specific tutorial for OS X that you can give me that is easy and 0 error? Thanks.
  13. Can't boot without safe mode

    Artur. Thanks for your answers so far. Turns out it was the VoodooHDA. I removed it using single user and booted. It was stuck on the spinning wheel so I used -v argument to check what's wrong. Here's the output, can you see anything wrong? I can boot in safe mode fine. But normally no. Also, another question - I use the Niresh's USB to boot. Without it I can get it to boot at all. Would I need a bootloader? Thanks.
  14. Can't boot without safe mode

    I removed AppleHDA, booted, still errors. Tried with -f arg, still same error as picture. And yes my CPU is Haswell of course. I don't know how to switch from Macpro3,1? I just installed fresh niresh.. maybe can you link me to a vanilla installation guide / download / another distro? Niresh is always problematic.
  15. Can't boot without safe mode

    Can tell me 1. How to remove applehda? 2. What is -f argument? 3. Smbios wrong? Why?