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  1. grub2 and macx86

    Hi, need some help to boot my mac os x86 install.Searched the forum but didn't found the right solution. On the first drive i have windows 7 followed from a data drive and ubuntu 10.04 beta. On the second HDD from my old macbook i have my osx install. The problem now is, when i do a "sudo update-grub" in ubuntu Terminal, Grub found mac osx on the second hard drive. One with 32 bit and 64 bit. But when i try to start from that it gives me errors like no xnu kernel. When i start mac os x from the boot cd i must every time enter busratio=25 for my core i5. How can i load grub and then switch to chameleon for osx ? In my osx i have chameleon installed i think. An extra folder exist. thanks!
  2. possible to install on h55 chipset ?

    combo update 10.6.3 just worked but don't get the other things to run. anyone can help please?
  3. possible to install on h55 chipset ?

    ohhh, yeahhhh, got it working! After i tried all boot cd i took tonymacsx86 P55 Boot CD and i came to the installation screen. I switched to the Snow Leopard Retail disc and started with boot:busratio=25 for my core i5 661. After that there was white lines with some errors and falses, but i came to the install screen. I chose the disk utility and formated my harddrive with hfs+ journaled and GUID Partition. I took 30 min to install, it was really slow and at the end there was an installation failed! and i restated. I took tonymacs boot cd back in and selected the hard drive and booted with boot:busratio=25 again. After a short moment of waiting i could finish the installation. I have now a running Mac OS X 10.6. My Motherboard is the GA-H55M-USB3, the bios is F6, and i changed HPET to 64 and for the Hard drives AHCI. What can i do now for the Sound, Network, and Graphics ? The Graphics stuck at 1024 x 768. And can i save update from 106 to 10.6.3 ? Try to make some pictures
  4. Hi, sold my macbook a while ago, and build a new system for ubuntu. I want to know just for fun, if it possible to install snow leopard on a Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 with a core i5-661 processor with integrated graphics. thanks
  5. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I wrote yesterday that i have problem with the loop in the do you own a mac screen. Thanks to you people i have solved the problem. I booted into single user mode and gave thge root a password. But i have still another problem. I searched the forum but can't find an answer. If i want to reboot with the dvd it says mach reboot. If i put the system down he says cpu halted. But he did not shut down. Some people in the forum says to replace the kernel. The cpu is a amd semprom 2800+ and ready for sse2/sse3. The another Problem is that i can only boot with -x.
  6. New AMD DVD for leopard

    hi, hangs on the part where it ask : "do you already own a mac?" Everytime i choose not to transfer my data he puts me back to where i can choose my language. what can i do?
  7. Leopard won't let me resize partitions

    You have to do it with the cd. Idefrag only offers a "qick defrag", but we need a full defrag. That can only be done with a second mac or a cd. The quick defrag will not work. I have tested it
  8. Leopard won't let me resize partitions

    Hi, if i understand right, you will format your osx drive so that you have 2 Partitions. For example one for osx and one for windows. The answer is defrag the osx partition. That's what i did. The Problem here is that it is not so easy. The way i choose was to download a tool called "Coriolis CD Maker" and than you can create a boot DVD from the Internet. I choose system 10.4.9 for my Leo. The dvd has a copy of idefrag on it. You must have a registered copy of idefrag!!! I think a other solution is to boot up another mac, with your mac in targed mode. So that the other mac can mount your partition. With i defrag only the full defrag is a solution. With the "quick online defrag" it would not go. hope it helps.....
  9. transparent login?

    Hi, is there a way to make the loginbox transparent?
  10. Hacking Leopard GUI

    And here is mine again. This is my final version for the 2d Dock very simple. 2dwhite.zip
  11. dashboard stops working sometimes anyone got the same problem?
  12. background color for 2D Dock?

    Ok. After a long day of searching, i think there is no background color for the 2D Dock. I have changed my wallpaper. The Dock seems to have the same effects as the Menubar. If you choose a darker wallpaper the Dock becomes more transparent. When you choose a white Wallpaper it becomes grey.
  13. Hacking Leopard GUI

    yeah that's very very cool!!! Please keep on working. A 2D Dock in white would be great too. thanx for this app.
  14. background color for 2D Dock?

    Did anyone know how to change the 2D Dock color? I mean which file does the color? In another forum we gat so far: the only thing i want to change know is the color.
  15. I changed the icon under /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder and changed inside the Dock.app the .png File for the Finder. Restarted the Finder andmake a killall Dock in the Terminal. How do i can change it?